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  1. Another builder on the Facebook forum noticed a huge error on my build: I missed CP11 note to add 2 plies UNI around the end of the CS spar prior to installing the fuel tanks. I have gone thru all the CP's, years ago, and marked up my plans accordingly. Plain and simple, that was a miss on my part, I did not mark up that CP 11 change. Makes me wonder what ELSE I missed. [I'll be spending this winter going thru all CPs again.] I found my pictures from the day I put the CS spar and fuel tank on, and sure enough, I did not do that layup (55" UNI wrapped twice around). See attached picture. Looks like I'll be cutting into my fuel tanks and cowl flange to install that layup, when I remove my wing attach fittings. Upon further inspection, I found other screws with rust on them on a lower-side wing fitting and found one small 'indentation' on a wing fitting. Picture attached. Though this plane hasn't flown yet, I've decided to remove all fittings, both wing and CS spar, and inspect/replace/treat as needed. Too many unknowns/what-if's.
  2. Thank you Brian, that is a great idea. It'd only be 6-7 hour drive from Arlington. I will call them tomorrow and see what they'd suggest. I've been looking at the layup schedule in Ch 8 for the CS spar to see how/where damage might occur during "extraction" of the plates. I think I'll start with heating up/ removing the bolts/screws and the outer plates first and have a look-see, then go from there. Thanks again, SPG1
  3. Thank you Marc, good advice. Yes, all 8 of the steel screws had surface rust. At the very least I'm going to remove the 1ply BID/Foam comprising the end caps (holding the tubes straight), and remove all 10 screws (with heat gun or torch) and re-assess. And do same for the other side as well. If I see any hint of corrosion, I'll plan to completely remove all fittings. (something I will have to research thoroughly before digging in...)
  4. VariEze - bottom of center-section spar wing attach fitting: does this look like inter-granular corrosion to y'all? or surface schmutz? I have not yet sanded it other than hitting it with scotch-brite. Any insight appreciated. the wing attach fitting and the upper spar fittings had none of this. Sean Gillen Arlington, Texas
  5. Is it a wheel like this one.?  The races also need replacing but the wheel was never used.  $25 including the shipping



  6. Hi - I'm looking to replace the center hub of my VariEze Brock nose wheel. (not the wheel halves, just the center hub). I just replaced the bearings, and on one side the bearing race, rather than getting press-fit tightly, rotates. I figure I better get another. Thanks, Sean Gillen, Arlington Tx
  7. Hi - I'm about to retrofit my VariEze with an external fixed foot step. <fixed, not retractable> Could someone possibly please scan the LongEz plans page which has the drawing/details for that external step? Thanks and regards, Sean Gillen Arlington, Tx
  8. Thank you Jon. I was hoping to save a few $$ by finding some used/unused parts, but have not been successful there. I've already spoken to Todd and he's working on finding my a canopy which is close in fit to my existing canopy frame. $425 isn't too awful bad. The NG401B looks like the way to go. Thanks, SPG1
  9. Hi - I've got a brand new, JIRAN pre-fab lower cowl for a Varieze. It's got the P-51 scoop inlet. Make offer. Thanks, Sean Gillen Arlington, Tx spmg_76013@yahoo.com
  10. Hi - a recent storm blew my hangar doors off the tracks, literally. One door landed on top of my VE, cracked the canopy in half and snapped the nose wheel casting at the axle. If anyone has either part for sale, new or used, please let me know. Thanks, Sean Gillen Arlington, Tx spmg_76013@yahoo.com

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