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  1. Here’s another pic of them fitting together.
  2. Picked up a pair of wheel pants for my VariEze. Looks like another couple of layers of fibreglass were laid inside the front half to sandwich the capture of the rear. Never seen this done before, is it a Rutan thing?
  3. Karmutzen

    Nose bumper

    Existing bumper, maybe you can’t see it in the previous gear down photo. Question is do I mount a second one in front of it on the fibreglass nose.
  4. Karmutzen

    Nose bumper

    I have a bumper on top of the nose gear spring. Do I need another between the nose gear opening and the nose (only about 5 inches)? CP said “bumper directly under the NG31 bulkhead”, but I don’t know where that is or how to attach a hockey puck. glue? one two or three bolts?
  5. I put a G5 in my other planes, thinking about it for the VEZE. Use it to punch through a cloud deck or driving through one of the scattered clouds in your way - never thought of that as IFR, nobody else around here either. If I did I’d dump the IAS ALT, T&B, and VSI at the same time, and use the -232 output for altitude encoding. Wouldn’t bother with the GMA-11, I don’t care which way it is pointed as long as I have ground track. Bugging all the V speeds on the IAS is real handy too.

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