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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I'm here to learn all about canard aviation with a special interest in construction of a homebuilt. I have never flow a canard aircraft let alone sit in one but I have a special interest very similar to the reasoning Rutan designed some of his earlier models. As a prior F/A-18 mechanic I spent a lot of time sitting in the cockpit running up systems and I always wanted to fly one but knew I never would. The canard design gives me the forward visibility I want to experience at an "affordable" price. I feel confident I can construct a composite aircraft and am still very young so time is on my side. I would like some recommendations as I only know a handful of designs which meet the following criteria. 1) Center line Seating - This is a MUST HAVE. 2) Plans Built - Availability of plans should not be too hard. 3) Built for $40,000 - W/O Engine/Prop So far I have my sights on the LongEZ but I heard plans are no longer being sold? How does someone go about getting them? Also can someone direct me to a location to get the basic cockpit dimensions for the LongEZ so I might construct a wood template and make sure I fit? Looking forward to the education! -Jess
  2. I switched projects from the Cozy III to Long EZ. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1147858_Cozy+III+Project+With+Extras.html Cozy III project for sale. It is complete through Ch 7 and half way through Ch 8. It is very good workmanship. This project is an original project from the 1980’s and includes much of the original stuff purchased from the Cozy corp. Originally purchased from Cozy and started by Capt. Kevin Riley. The project includes: · Fuselage in tub stage. Finished through Ch 7 and Chapter 8 is about half finished. · Raw Main Gear Bow from Featherlight. · A fully completed and previously flown Cozy Roncz canard. Needs to be refinished and check elevator balance. This will save having to complete Ch 10 and Ch 11. · Upper and Lower Engine Cowlings · Firewall · Seat Belts · Some Miscellaneous Hardware and materials · All original Cozy III plans and drawings · All original Cozy Newsletter Publications necessary to complete the project in addition to the plans. · All original Cozy Glossy sheets and Marketing Materials · Original Owner Bill of Sale from Cozy · Cozy aircraft decals · All Original Cozy Manuals Altogether, this would easily cost $5000 if you bought it all separately and started from scratch. Additional Information here at my partial build log. http://websites.expercraft.com/longezpatch/ Barnstormers ad here. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1147858_Cozy+III+Project+With+Extras.html $3000 OBO. Will consider trades for LongEZ parts, Wings, Canards, Wing and Canard Cores, Nosegear assemblies, Wright or Wilhelmson systems, Infinity Gear Systems, or PPL Flight Training or tell me what you have. Will consider all trades and offers. I do not check this website often and may not receive reply messages for a few days. Please use the contact information below. Scott "Patch" Humphrey 817-891-0910 scott.c.humphrey@gmail.com
  3. Hi - I'm about to retrofit my VariEze with an external fixed foot step. <fixed, not retractable> Could someone possibly please scan the LongEz plans page which has the drawing/details for that external step? Thanks and regards, Sean Gillen Arlington, Tx
  4. I wanted to spread the word about our new film “Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story,” and our Kickstarter fundraising effort that launched today!! It will enable us to capture Rutan’s creative process as he designs, builds and test flies his newest aircraft. As Scott B says about the top secret project, “It will be a game changer.” https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/antennafilms/looking-up-way-up-the-burt-rutan-story Please, donate to our campaign and help us capture the community spirit of ‘homebuilt’ aircraft that gave Rutan his first success. antennaFILMS is helmed by Sandy Guthrie and Scott B, two award-winning filmmakers honored for the Discovery Channel television special Black Sky: The Race For Space. We have continued to film with Burt over the years, including for the National Geographic show Virgin Galactic: Will It Fly?, and have started filming him specifically for this documentary in 2012. After you donate, spread the word, it is as easy as following the link below. http://lookingupwayup.com/get-the-kickstarter-out Thank you very much, we have some great rewards and collectables for those who donate, and I have attached some fun photos to spread the word. FYI - we have one donation reward that lets you send in a photo of you in fron of a Rutan plane, or someone else for that matter and get it in the film. Sincerely, Aaron Howell antennaFILMS

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