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  1. Yes she is... and we are building a Cozy IV now... The girlfriend won...
  2. Hi Kent is this the same as the RA7725 recomended for the CosyIV, and sold by ACS? Have you any idea of the shipping charges to Montreal, Canada for a complete roll of 125 yards? Thanks,
  3. The newer MGL do that. You can hook up, up to 4 cameras, including IR
  4. Well I'm about to start building my Cozy IV, what would you guys think is a good expoxy systems nowadays for someone building up north in Montreal. My shop as a controled temp of about 70-75 F and about 40-50% humidity. I'm leaning towards the MGS 285 system. Although the temps don't get to hot here in the summer, they do get really cold in the winter (-40 F), what effect if any as very cold temps on these systems? Just wan't to know what to expect leaving this plane parked outside (and using it) during winter months.
  5. You will have a problem with the top cut in your picture as it will prevent the rudder from deploying outward (the two cuts are angle the same way and not opppsite to one another)
  6. It is expensive but it's a firewall back package... so you get every thing you need and its all NEW... not USED or an incomplete package... Mayby in a couple of years we can get one cheaper with say 1,000 hours on it or a prop strike or two...
  7. Nope its on DVD now... well at least the version that Aircraft Spruce sells (or give away with plans)
  8. It's 2400 hour but only if have it has the increased strength pistons (P/N LW-18729). If not 2000. All info here : http://www.lycoming.textron.com/support/publications/service-instructions/pdfs/SI1009AS.pdf
  9. This is good to know, because when you watch the old video "Building the Rutan Composites"... Mr Rutan and Melvil use their hands to smear off epoxies and to sometime spread it around. But seing that Mr Melvil was using a barrier cream clearly indicates that we know a lot more about epoxies (and their impact on the human body) today then we knew back then. All these "does and don'ts" about safety should be stickied somewhere on this forum... no pun intended.
  10. It comes free with the Cozy IV plans (along with a copy of the pilot hand book) when you order it from Aircraft Spruce.
  11. Well I'm the proud owner of plans #1588 . I'll be ordering a bunch of supplies next week. From then its right into the build. The shop being in order and my work tables already built. This weekend is dedicated to reading through these plans. I will be asking a buch a question before I dive to deep thought. On this I would like to ear from guys that are building with a 540 in mind (I'll be using a T4 turbo 20B rotary, but the weight is about the same I ear) Lots of ducks the get in a row... Regards,
  12. Are you refering to the VE that cought fire due to sub standard fuel lines? This accident was not caused by the engine itself but by inadequate accessories.
  13. Not looking for plans anymore, they were just ordered from Aircraft Spruce
  14. Thanks Phil, I know all of that but I want 3rd edition plans and a project that is just started. If I can't find one soon (say in the next 2 weeks). I'm ordering new ones and materials. Regards,
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