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    I'm a A&P (corporate jets/helicopters), ex-racing car driver (Formula Fords), ex-First Assistant Director (features, spots, shorts), student pilot (54.2 hrs), ex-photojournalist (newspapers, the AP, UPI), ex-Planner (Bell Helicopter), etc...
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    Composite aircraft
    He 162A-2 WWII German jet fighter
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  1. Hi Kent: Great list! I can see a modified (for Cozy Mk IV) version in my POH. Thanks! Regards, James
  2. Hi Kent: Great picture! I have been thinking about making an inspection panel for the lift tab area to allow inspections. No engineering review yet. The countersink & rivet holes (w/ too little ED) aren't a great idea. These 2 detail parts seem to me to be the most critical on the Cozy... Do you still have wire for sale? Regards, James
  3. Hi Bruce: I'll buy: 1) Aero Antenna Technology Aircraft GPS Antenna PN-AT-575-4 Good condition. USD $20 2) canopy breaker built to mil spec USD $50 Please let me know how you want to be paid. My ship-to: James Russell Electric Shadows, Inc. 841 Old Gardiner Rd. Sequim, WA 98382 USA Slow boat shipping is fine. Regards, James
  4. Hi Steve: I've emailed you to buy this stuff separately. Regards, James
  5. HI Jon: I have a complete wood kit that I bought long ago - I just need more longeron materials. Great site, BTW! Regards, James
  6. Hi Andrew: Well, I kinda figgered that - but I had to try... Thanks! Regards, James
  7. Hi Steve: This is for a Wright noselift, correct? Regards, James
  8. Hi Rob: Do you still have any of this stuff for sale? Thanks! Regards, James
  9. Hi Edge: I have no idea what is a good price - how does $35 + shipping sound? Assuming you still have them... Regards, James
  10. Hi Steve: Is the steel foot for a Cozy Mk IV? And is still available? What is the part number? If so, please send me your PayPal address - privately if you like - and shipping cost (slow, cheap boat is preferred) to: James Russell Electric Shadows, Inc. 841 Old Gardiner Rd. Sequim, WA 98382 USA Thanks! Regards, James

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