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  1. This will be a really cool aircraft when brought to life
  2. OK.....15lb ham here........no way to make it kosher
  3. pneumatics not a good choice. Reliability poor in cold weather. Blow an internal O ring on one of these cylinders and you will be screaming
  4. (ah, with a sound of that ole camaro airing out the carbon) I would think that the thrust is a real kick in the pants.
  5. Many congrats!! Now come the just rewards...........the opportunity to grin unconvincingly at the TSA agents knowing that they are no longer the bitter anticipation, but the memory. Blue skies slinger
  6. CF spar caps.....the bend-to-yeild charactaristics of these over fiberglass are different. I am a big fan of a light bird though, and I would personally like to use carbon in a few other areas but......it's a precious material to experiment with,
  7. Excellent method of triumph over the "heavy" spar. The weight you saved is only gonna shine when you start your weight/balance. You cast off a bunch...
  8. This fuse set-up looks like its going to be lite-lite-lite. Love what you are doing, keep it up!
  9. thats right edge, you change the dynamics when you lengthen the tub. I thought this through before stretching, and I know I won't be carrying around ballast like a cozy. I just wanted the extra room in the back for luggage!!
  10. just curious about overspeeding a prop, you know, mach at prop tip=!@#$%^
  11. That was an interesting short article on the v-8 conversion, seems he addressed many areas where weight became the issue. I am personally going with the 13b with crook redrive. I am stretched 13" (firewall to canard) and will undoubtedly have some fun when it comes to weight/balance stage. The doggone fuel burn is good, and camII racing fuel could easilly be exchanged for the 100ll. On pint engine oil in 4800 miles is absolutely awesome. I am wondering how he is capping his RPM? Rev limiting?
  12. Can't help but think I saw a velocity at RR last year with a spanky V-8. Had a fighter rumble, but remember seeing heat blemishes on the prop where the hot waste came out of the cowl. Only drawback I see is loss of coolant at altitude........doubt it would keep purring like a rotary would. Funny thing, I thought the fuel burn at 200 would be closer to 16 than six:D
  13. there is a warning about tryin to do that on the plans supplied for the roncz canard...............nope!!!
  14. No those are some cool cad's!! (Did I detect the usage of carbon on the center section spar?)
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