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Swapping 0-235 for 320 or 360 how hard can it be?


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The plans engine mount angles in the firewall are a little undersized.  The plans call for 1/8" thickness but they can develop cracks around the holes drilled for engine mount bolts.  Lot of people have used 1/4" angle or steel angles or double up the 1/8".  It involves exposing the mounting bolts for the angles inside the fuselage by uncovering the bolts above the strakes, driving the bolts through the longerons out and installing new angles.

Then the main gear mounts are a weak point but might be OK.  Hard landings & heavy weight loosen the bolts through the sides of the fuselage into the heavy mount angles.

Cowls might need some rework.  Not sure.

I don't know where most O-235 installs position the battery but with heavier engines you will likely need it in the nose with a run of heavy cables.  Maybe the new lithium batteries could be put in back.   Personally I think an O-320 is the ideal power for an EZ. 

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