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I am the 3rd owner.    2nd owner was constructing the strakes.   I finished the aircraft.  It now has 45 hours.    During the testing I discovered that the coating of the wall next to the fuel tank sight gauges was discolored; gasoline was very slowly moving AROUND the edge of the plastic sight gauge.    

So I emptied the fuel tanks, including pumping the last few ounces out of each tank with the fuel pump, with the line to the Ellison TB disconnected and a long plastic line taking the fuel out of the hangar to a red plastic fuel container.  

Once the tanks were empty and no residual fuel was anywhere in the aircraft, I ripped off the old sig ht gauges and installed new ones.   They do not leak now.

As I had the tanks empty, I bought 2 sets of Nick Ugolini's "Canard Fuel Probes.   I was very happy to find Nick's instruction set was absolutely excellent.    The job went very smoothly on the right tank (the left tank has not been done but it will be).  

I also was a bit shocked to find that I also had to buy 2 computer units to read the probes and convert the information to drive a gauge.   The job was beginning to get expensive.   But I now have a gauge on the panel and a switch to change to the left tank.   All that is left to do is to put a pint or two of fuel in the right tank (until I can pump some back to the Ellison) and set the zero point.    The Longeze can be flow solowith no need to guess at the fuel volume using a mirror.

Try Nick's probes if the Princeton computer units are still available.    Nick's card lists www.unick3(at)gmail.com and www.nickugolini.com

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Hi Jeff

Maybe but I am very poor with modern camera and computer technology.

Basically, my sight gauges look exactly like everyone else's so a photo will not help.

The original sight gauges were from many years ago; I think the guy's name was Prout.

The new gauges were bought from the guy in Texas that has sold them to many people for many years; I just forgot his name.

The instructions were very clear, so they are on correctly.

Fot the Ugolini gauges, the one I have installed is impossible to photograph; it is buried inside the wstrake.

Just look on Mick's website.

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