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Greetings from Iowa!

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Hi, all. Stumbled across this corner of the internet recently and decided to join.


I'm an A&P at Ankeny Regional Airport (KIKV), and currently eyeing getting my private license once finances permit, followed by possibly building a bird of my own. While that's still a number of years out, there's no reason to not pick up wisdom and tricks from subject matter experts, right?


I've always had a fascination with canard aircraft, to the point where my chosen plane in Digital Combat Simulator is a Saab AJS37 Viggen. (Delightfully fun bird to fly, btw. Very responsive, but not overwhelming. A true pilot's plane, imo).

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13 minutes ago, Kent Ashton said:

The license is a big step but as an A&P you could fix up an airplane in which to take lessons.  Not a canard airplane though; they are not well-suited to pilot training.

Oh, I'm not planning on using a homebuilt for that. We've got a quartet of 172S trainers at the field and as an employee, I get a pretty steep discount on lessons. Homebuilt is definitely a long-term goal, as I know it'll take time to build, and I can build proficiency in more "conventional" planes in the meantime.

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Do it. It doesn't cost much to get started on one of these birds.

You could get a head start and save on total project costs by picking up a partially done project.

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Aerocanard (modified) SN:ACPB-0226 (Chapter 8)

Canardspeed.com (my build log and more; usually lags behind actual progress)
Flight simulator (X-plane) flight model master: X-Aerodynamics


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