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Please allow me to introduce myself...

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Dear All, 

I am new to the "Canard " planes and to your community. French,  67  years old,  private pilot with 1500 h flight time, I leave in West France, Talmont St Hilaire,  near les Sables d'Olonne , where I am retired  (https://vendeeairpark.fr/).

I usually fly a RV7 A, a CTLS and also a Cricri MC15 (twin engines very small plane), and I am enthusiastic  with everything which flies, especially if there is at least  engine on  it.

The canard pushers have been  since long a topic of attractivity for  me, as they are speedy, and their look is so original and different from other planes. 

Recently ,  I  decided to dive in and had the opportunity  to  purchase a Cozy Mk3 project which is finalized at 80 %, as per the words of the vendor...Not sure I have properly evaluated the "20 % work time  remaining"   !!! I hope however it to  be within my reach. I expect the process  to  be exciting and not to much challenging, though this is a totally a new world, a new approach for me :while  I am used to the maintenance on my "conventional"  planes, this will be my  very first builder's experience.

 I am glad to join the group and hope to find amongst his members and their builder's experience a mine of info, which will help me  to bring my project to its end.

Warmest regards, 


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6 hours ago, Yves Jehanno said:

West France, Talmont St Hilaire,  near les Sables d'Olonne , where I am retired  (https://vendeeairpark.fr/).

Greetings.  I have a friend in Vannes (Monterblanc) just about finished rebuilding his Cozy Mk IV.  There seems to be a lot of canard activity nearby.   I will send you his email address.   I used to own a Cozy III.  I hope you are not a big person because it was designed by and for Nat Puffer and his wife who were pretty small people.  I used to fly mine without any cushions to get more hip room.  I was about 100 kg.  You can us short removable armrests that will help there.  You should also join the Cozybuilders Google Group and there are a couple of Facebook groups for the Cozy and the Rutan airplanes.  There are many sources of information on the net.  Enjoy your project.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Hi Yves

I was planning to build a MC Cricri before I knew about the canard aircraft; I even know the meaning of the MC but have some trouble spelling Michael's name.   Yes, it is small; I saw one at Oshkosh. 

Suggestion:  Do NOT consider making any changes unless a very well known expert approves of the change   IF you start making changes, you will never finish it.     I DID make small changes to my Longeze and am too old to fly it. 

80% finished probably is 50% finished in the TIME necessary to finish.



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The Cricri flies very nicely. The engines mounting /adjusting are quite ....demanding and it takes  a few hours to me for having  the suspension of the two engines properly adjusted during maintenance operations.  The Two stroke  JPX PUL 212 engines, 15 HP each  (running  to 6000 RPM at full power)  do not have the reliability of  4 stroke engines and due to their vibration level , careful attention must be given to the  filtration of these vibrations  and to their  suspension adjustment.  Lot of fun with the plane... Lot of headaches with the engines !  I am not the builder, however I  own the plane since 1991.

... Bruce, well noted your advice : I do not intend to change anything from the plan of the Cosy ,as I do want to fly the plane  in the next 6-12 months  !! 

I will let you know about the progress .


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