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Carbon fiber plies for engine cowling?


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I'm planning on making molds from my current, somewhat heavy engine cowlings and making new ones with carbon fiber.   Does anyone have advice on the number of plies of 5.7 oz. CF cloth are needed to get sufficient strength?  I'm using the U.S. Composites 635 epoxy.  Three plies would seem enough, but I'll go with two if I can.





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Just enough to maintain it's shape, right? It's just a fairing?

Use a bit or core in select areas for additional stiffness as required. I believe some folks have used straws (with a lay of cloth over them) to add stiffness.

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Search here for CARBON and FIBER and COWL and LAYERS.    I saw several posts but didn't have time to read them. 

Be aware that to combine all four search terms, you have to wait 15 seconds, select the option " CARBON and FIBER and COWL and LAYERS" search again.

A Google Verbatim search  (   https://www.google.com/webhp?tbs=li:1  ) for the same terms will also bring up a lot of posts.  Do us a favor and report what you learned


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