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Store cozy wings


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I have a cozy MK IV in my garage, and will start work on it soon. Whats the best way to store the wings? I have built some jigs but its taking up way too much space. I was thinking of using a platform and use pulleys and hoist it up so I get my real estate back on the floor. I have seen ppl hang it along the walls, using straps along the leading edge, not very comfortable with that.






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Along the wall with straps should be OK.  I think I would tape some short boards to the leading edge with a bit of padding between the board and the L.E. and run the straps over the boards  but it probably won't hurt to just hang them without anything special.  Once person can pick up a wing so they aren't that heavy.  They could be hung flat-stacked with an old blanket between them.  Whatever is easiest.

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I hoisted one wing up to the rafters and it scared actual poo out of me on the way up, all night it was up there, and all the way down the next day. I keep each of them on cheap removalist dollies with leading edge forms on them, and trundle them around the shed as needed. If I had a spare wall I'd consider it

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