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DIY Electric Nose Lift


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I made a noselift similar to the EZNOSELIFT model but it is very fiddly to make and takes a lathe, mill and tig welder to construct.  The main problem is getting the dimensions correct so everything fits and it extends an appropriate amount.  Below is a picture of my innards (pic 1) you can compare to the retail model (pic 2) but I don't have drawing good enough to make one.   It uses the Thomson PPA actuator and some of the parts inside the Thomson extension tube but there a several new parts that need to be made, the stock tubes are discarded and lighter 4130 tubes used.  The end of the Thomson ball-shaft is hardened steel.  It had to be cutoff, threaded for a bolt and pinned.  No idea if that is how EZNOSELIFT does it.  I have attached a text file describing how it comes apart.

I only made one for the Cozy because my back was starting to protest that first 12" inches of lift.  However, most of the time I put the Cozy on a rolling dolly about 18-20" high and did not have to dead-lift it very often.   I did not use one on the Long-ez--never found it necessary.  

Yup, the retail model is a little expensive but if I had to make you one, I would be asking in the $5000 range.  🙂


NoseLift 1.pngNoselift Disassembly


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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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