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172 pilot

VariEze builder/pilot wanted.

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Good Day All,

First post on CZ, presently a 90 hr private pilot (Dec. 2018) and 1/2 way through my instrument ticket. Always loved Rutan’s Vari/Long Eze’s...

Recently came across a 3/4 built VariEze for sale and looking for someone w/ experience in evaluating these planes. I would also like to fly in one sometime prior to buying. I live 5 min from KLNS if you want to meet me, Or I can fly my club’s 172 to meet you..

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Gonna turn this into a sticky on how to find canard owners.

1.  First try the member search page here for your state.   That is not a great method because the membership list never gets pruned and members often do not identify their state.


The following sites also have member search pages.  They are not very active now and canardcommunity has been closed for a few years but you might get lucky.



2.  Join the Cozybuilders Google Group and/or the CanardAviators Yahoo group.  They are fairly active and you will often get a reply to your message.  The two groups are also somewhat redundant.



3.  The Central States Association is an well-known canard group that publishes a member directory.  The owner also publishes an interesting newsletter.


4.  David Orr is getting a lot of members to his Squadron III group and he publishes an email newsletter.  https://www.facebook.com/SoCalEzGroupSquadronIII/

5.  You can also search the FAA registry by model and bring up names and addresses.  Most owners are pretty happy to show you their airplanes.


6.  EAA chapters in your state usually know who is flying what kind of airplane.  If you contact Chapter Presidents, they might give you a contact.


7.  Rough River (Kentucky) is a pretty big Fall flyin for canards.  Might be worth a visit.


8. Then there is (yuck) Facebook.  You're on your own there.  🙂





Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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