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Kent Ashton

The Canard Zone is being upgraded...

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Jon, Good for you.  Would you be able to merge CanardAviation?  There's not much traffic there now but it's a good database.


I just looked a your CanardZone Facebook page which I didn't know about.  Just thinking it might be a mistake to setup a CZ-to-FB sharing link.    Already there are several FB sites  for canards and you just saw one of our new members here trying to interest people in his FB Cozy IV site.   All these sites just dilute the participation and keep people from finding a good, active website like CZ.


It seems to me that if posters here link to FB, some of those discussions will continue on FB and become dead-end threads here.  I had a FB account for a few months so I could post on a particular canard site but I deleted my account; it wasn't very satisfying.  Frankly I want to stay as far away from FB as possible.


I try to link to CZ URLs when possible in my travels around the web, hoping to get people to find this site and join up.


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Pleased to hear that this site is 'staying current'. 

I agree with Kent, Facebo integration is of no interest to me, I recently deleted my FB account too (after about 10 years). It's getting worse and worse over there.

As I understand it, with the sad news of John Slade's passing, Canard Aviation will come to an end in the not-too-distant future. It would be good to encourage more centralization of the canard community here, and not promote dispersion of the discussions. And the e-mail lists are not much better, difficult to find a given discussion later, and full of quotes and replies tacked on all over the place. 

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I agree with your concerns but the scope of this integration is small and specific:


1) For those with a Facebook account, allow those accounts to be used to login here. This is to get some canard experts that are FB-only today to participate here.


2) Facebook is an undeniable social outlet that can be ignored but is not going away. It's commonplace today to make content sharable to FB, Twitter, etc., but is something that may only be available in specific places.


The last thing anyone wants is to reduce conversation here, and I can assure everyone that is not going to happen -- exactly he opposite and a driver behind this upgrade. If any particular feature makes anything go sour it will be turned off.


Regarding John Slade's forum, I have offered on multiple occasions to merge the forums and membership, and bear all costs required to do so in John's honor. I do hope that will happen.


Thanks for the feedback!

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The forum software company is taking a company holiday until Monday, so I won't have any updates until then (at the earliest) regarding timing.  So, until then, build on!  :-)

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Please see the latest forum announcement on this topic here.  I had to split the first post in this thread to get the home page announcements area to work properly.  For reference, here's the original first post in this thread:


It is now official -- the process has begun to upgrade the Canard Zone site and forums to new and improved software.  You can read about some of the background in this thread, but here are the current drivers for needing to get this done:

  • The underlying software is not entirely supported (it's too old at this point).
  • Administrative capabilities will be improved.
  • Additional file storage will be enabled (pictures, download files, etc.).
  • Ad-free subscriptions can become available.
  • Members-only sections can be setup.
  • Member blogs.
  • Security and Spam prevention improvements.

A major item that I have been looking at is related to the integration between forums like the Canard Zone and social media, namely Facebook.  While Facebook is horrible for lasting and meaningful conversations (you simply cannot easily reply to a topic from last month -- let alone yesterday -- on Facebook), these features are worthwhile:

  1. Login to the Canard Zone using a Facebook account.
  2. Share a post to the Canard Zone Facebook page from within the Canard Zone Forums.

Unfortunately we need to expect some brief downtime as the upgrade is performed by the hosting provider (they have their own schedule and will advise on the timing) as well as the look and navigation of the Canard Zone may change.

Stay tuned for updates. and feel free to share your suggestions and requests.

Looking forward to a new and improved Canard Zone!



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