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Engine Cozy mk3


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I owned a C-III with an O-320 for a while.  It was a good engine and HP for the airplane.  IMO, an IO-360 is too much engine for the design.


- A heavier engine and prop is going to require more ballast in the nose when flying solo.  I used 40-50 lbs of shot in my C-III/O-320 when solo.  You'd probably need more with an IO-360.  Aside from the problem of shuttling bags of ballast around, It offsets some of the advantage of the extra HP.

- Ground handling would be trickier.  It would be easier to tip-back.

- The engine mounts (essentially Long-EZ mounts) were designed for an O-235 unless they have been beefed up.  Even if they have, it's a lot of leverage on them with the heavier engine and HP hanging on angles that are about 10-12" apart, vertically.  The C-IV has better mounts, IMO.

- The landing gear (Long-ez gear) is not as strong as the Cozy IV.    Yes, people have put O-360s on the EZs but heavy EZs have problems with the attach angles getting loose.  Some have problems with the strut sagging.  The C-IV has a bigger, stronger MLG strut.

- The bigger engine is useful for takeoff and climb but your cruise will not be that much faster.  You'll get there a few minutes quicker but . . .

- Your range might be less because you burn more GPH. 

Edited by Kent Ashton

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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