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  1. Hello all The test were done according to the rules in Denmark. 3.8G on the canyard and wings. The load distribution is calculated and approved by the goverment and the inspektor in Denmark. The deflation on the wing were 25 cm and the canyard 9,5 cm all went back to the same position after the load were taken off. We had support under the wings while loading. There were many crackling sounds along the way especially as we pulled the pressure off the jack under the wings. I can read that some of you think that it is a Waste of time and only to satisfi the bureaucracy and yes it is, but that the rules. In the end it is the way I can get to fly my Cozy, so this is a big think for me. I know that Jochen in Germany have made a full test(have been Down to visit him) of the Cozy, but its not requried in Denmark. Best Regard Kim
  2. Hello all just made my loadtest on my cozy mk3 ­čśÇ good Day
  3. Hello all I need a canopy / turtleback / Engine Cowling for my Cozy MK3 I had a canopy on my hand but lost the connection. Maybe some one have a canopy or the whole canopy/turtleback they will sell or know where to bye. Thank you Kim Jensen Denmark
  4. Enyone Who have pictures og the installlation on the Armrest to the back Seat Best regard Kim
  5. Hi All Looking for some parts for the airbrake and the handle for the nose lift. If you got eny other parts for a cozy mk3 please write )
  6. Hello again Eny One Who Can give a feedback regarding engines. I have possibiliti to get a O-320 or a IO-360 for my cozy3 Positive / negative Comments?
  7. Hi Thank you for reply It is the authorities that demand the load test so there is no Way around This. The jig Will be no problem but the Weight calculation and distribution of the Weight I like to know more about
  8. I am going to make a load test on my Cozy mk3 and have Been trying to find a "manuel" how to with sand bags. Eny One Who have a god Way or a guide Line Best regard Kim
  9. Can you send me your email admin@kteck.dk
  10. Hi Steve Is this sold?? How much ist the size and weight ?
  11. I Will install Fuel sensors in the tanks but Can some One help with the Best location If you have pictures i like that ????
  12. I am missing some parts for my Cozy projekt, the canopi, the stronger pedals, parts for the airbrake Ecc i you Got some parts laying around please let me know
  13. Thank you for fast reply ) I think I will see if I can fid a long Ez, I know that there is one in Denmark
  14. Eny one Who Own a Cozy mk3 in EU that I Can bye some houers and try fly a Cozy I am building One but like to try to see how it is in the air
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