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  1. Thank you Kent. You have given me a lot of homework. The last and only engine I rebuilt was a Dodge 383 back in the 80s. But, that went well and I can see advantages of doing so for my Cozy. But....I'm feeling my age and time is flying by and I'm not.
  2. I am at the point where I must make a decision on an engine for my Cozy III. Marc Zeitlin filled me in on Lycoming engine mounts for the 320/360 which is where I am heading. I have some questions that hopefully this forum can help me with. 1. New or used. I understand the broad range of price issue but would like to hear thoughts on putting an expensive new engine on an untested homebuilt airplane. 2. If buying used, where would one look to purchase a mid-time engine? 3. Has anyone had experience with Western Skyways in Montrose, CO? 4. Is CG Products the right place to purchase the Lycoming 320/360 dynafocal engine mount or are there other recommendations? 5. I do not see anything like the throttle quadrant called for in Puffer’s plan at Aircraft Spruce. Any recommendations? Chris
  3. Thanks Kent, that solved my problem. Sorry for the confusion. Chris
  4. Sorry for the slow response. Ez.org is the website I have used to access Wayne’s project. It no longer works for me. I have no other information on Wayne.
  5. Thanks for your thoughtful and talented guidance via your website. Sorry to see you go. I’ll limp to completion from here. Chris
  6. Michael, what are you asking for the canopy and windows?

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