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New member & new to canards!

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I'm here to learn all about canard aviation with a special interest in construction of a homebuilt. I have never flow a canard aircraft let alone sit in one but I have a special interest very similar to the reasoning Rutan designed some of his earlier models. As a prior F/A-18 mechanic I spent a lot of time sitting in the cockpit running up systems and I always wanted to fly one but knew I never would. The canard design gives me the forward visibility I want to experience at an "affordable" price. I feel confident I can construct a composite aircraft and am still very young so time is on my side.


I would like some recommendations as I only know a handful of designs which meet the following criteria.


1) Center line Seating -  This is a MUST HAVE.


2) Plans Built - Availability of plans should not be too hard.


3) Built for $40,000 - W/O Engine/Prop



So far I have my sights on the LongEZ but I heard plans are no longer being sold? How does someone go about getting them? Also can someone direct me to a location to get the basic cockpit dimensions for the LongEZ so I might construct a wood template and make sure I fit?


Looking forward to the education!



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"Open-ez" plans are available on this site.  Rutan has said he does not mind people building from copied plans but don't call it a Long-ez--it could make him liable.


Some rather stout people fit in an EZ.  I am 230.  I have had 6'-4" guys sit in mine and say it's OK.   You look pretty normal.  You would fit, I'm guessing.



An EZ less engine and avionics can be built for around $15-20K.  If you buy a project, you can save quite a bit.  You will usually get the buider's labor for free.


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Jess, I saw this and thought I would point you at my comments about sitting in an EZ, but Kent beat me too it. The Ez has a lot of room, IMO.


I've not started a build but plan to do so. The open EZ drawings are in this thread, read everything as there are a couple minor issues with 2 or 3 pages, nothing that is a cause for concern: http://www.canardzone.com/forum/topic/16835-introducing-the-open-ez-tandem-a-2-place-tandem-canard/


The construction manual can be downloaded here: http://www.aryjglantz.com/p/documents.html?m=0


The Canard Pusher newsletter with plans updates are in many places: http://www.ez.org/t/canard-pusher


Good luck, I've spent hours reading and studying the plans. Many blogs for help, two of the current projects undergoing builds are as follows:






Not much if any problem to figure out how to build.

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