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  1. Hello! I'm here to learn all about canard aviation with a special interest in construction of a homebuilt. I have never flow a canard aircraft let alone sit in one but I have a special interest very similar to the reasoning Rutan designed some of his earlier models. As a prior F/A-18 mechanic I spent a lot of time sitting in the cockpit running up systems and I always wanted to fly one but knew I never would. The canard design gives me the forward visibility I want to experience at an "affordable" price. I feel confident I can construct a composite aircraft and am still very young so time is on my side. I would like some recommendations as I only know a handful of designs which meet the following criteria. 1) Center line Seating - This is a MUST HAVE. 2) Plans Built - Availability of plans should not be too hard. 3) Built for $40,000 - W/O Engine/Prop So far I have my sights on the LongEZ but I heard plans are no longer being sold? How does someone go about getting them? Also can someone direct me to a location to get the basic cockpit dimensions for the LongEZ so I might construct a wood template and make sure I fit? Looking forward to the education! -Jess

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