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Winglets airfoil


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Is the winglets airfoil when looking from the top similar to a conventional rudder symmetric airfoil?   

If so is the wing ends upward curve (A350) airfoil a transition from a lifting airfoil to a symmetric rudder type ?


What is the rudders airfoil like on a cosy or eze ?  I would think it to be pressure neutral avoiding any single sided pressure. 


Any advice input appreciated.




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The winglet airfoil is the same as the wing airfoil generating lift laterally.

The rudder act as a flap thus changing the chord (the straight line from the leading edge to the trailing edge) resulting in a increase in the angle of attack.


It is not a symmetrical airfoil.

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No, all winglets have camber. The lift vector is tilted forward due to the way the air circulates at the tip, thus creating thrust.

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I attached my Cozy winglets to my wings this past year... there are many many layers of glass in the attachment... I can't remember exactly, but its like 30 or 40 plies of glass.... lots of forces happening with those winglets.


The winglet airfoil is kinda like this....

The upper winglet airfoil is like you folded the end of the wing up at a 90.

The lower winglet airfoil is like you folded the end of the wing down at a 90.


More or less, for our EZ's anyway.

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