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  1. Thanks Andrew. Looking at ..>>http://www.cozybuilders.org/ref_info/2006_06_Hunter_Resin_Price_Table.pdf It seems to be more about the pot life and the climate temperature... Or is there a difference in rigidity ?
  2. I read :- " Rutan Aircraft Factory now recommends WEST SYSTEM epoxy for certain homebuilt aircraft applications, particularly where a moisture resistant epoxy is desired.... etc.. any comments on this appreciated.
  3. I would think something as simple as placing a bathroom scale under a deployed nose wheel and noting the weight readings. Has anybody don this and published the the safe weights according to different loads. It is noted that each individually built cozy would have slightly different CG. it can be determine by placing trestles under the wing root then moving the plane so that the whole plane is balanced. This will indicate the empty weight CG. The relevant loads are added to get the desired CG. There's a patent for commercial airliners of a devise that reads the nose wheel suspension. A data processor will generate expect weight and balance index.
  4. In above DC9 the thrust vector is well above the CG but is downwards contrary to the Cozy pusher 2° upwards. One would think that it would cause the DC9 to pitch down when power is applied which is not the case. Anybody care to elaborate ?
  5. Engine is tilted upwards about 2° because the prop axis is above the CG vector otherwise when applying power the aircraft would pitch downwards. Is this correct ? I wonder if they are any propeller aircraft where the engine tilt can be adjusted in mid flight.
  6. 1. In referring to below is the CG showing correct in a zero fuel weight status ? 2. what is the distance of the main wheel axis to front or back ends of the aircraft ? 3. Is prop axis tilted upwards in relation to the wings cord ?
  7. B52

    Toe brakes

    What is the function of the square tubes on the pedals ?
  8. B52

    Toe brakes

    I can see the simple design, only 2 master cylinders for both sets of rudder pedals. In conventional aircraft when applying foot pressure to the right pedal the left pedal will move towards you. In the cozy does the left pedal remain static when applying pressure to the right pedal ?
  9. Most probably mentioned somewhere. Do the rudder pedals in Cozy / EZ have toe brakes ? Looks like the master cylinders are fixed to the pedals and not independent to the rudder, in other words at all times they simply activate together with the rudder movements, is this correct ?
  10. B52

    Narrow wheels

    A closer look
  11. B52

    Narrow wheels

    Are Evolution's http://www.evolutionaircraft.com narrow wheels and landing gear made by them in house ? looking to source that tier and wheel. any input appreciated.
  12. Wheels are at rear end. You could have an extendable nose wheel similar to navy planes say at 45Knotes on the runway the nose wheel is extended (pump up suspension) this will get the plane to a lift-off pitch, the tricycle will disengage the tarmac in one go. (B52) During landing as the speed is reduced the front wing will stall early, the extended nose wheel will soften the drop. The nose wheel is then lowered for taxing The only issue would the added AFT weight to the already sensitive trim.
  13. What are the consequences if the main landing gear was further aft of the CG say below the engine ? It could allow use of a bigger diameter prop and reduce the chance of prop damage during takeoff and landing. It would Increase load on the nose wheel, increase load on front wing during take off and therefore increased takeoff speed to get the nose up…But once the nose is up the plane will behave same as a conventional canard. Looking at the landing...>> dose't look too bad. Any input and reading links appreciated.
  14. Would the added structural support of the Ez and Cosy winglets needed because of their rudder function..? How about winglets without rudder functions?
  15. Wayne's Hicks post explains it all.. Thanks.. http://www.canardzone.com/forum/topic/17266-winglet-airfoil/?p=13768

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