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Craigs Cozy Project

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Decided to start participating in Canard living.  Been working for months in seclusion.  Kent's progress reports have motivated me to try to share more (despite my hardcore introversion).


So, tonight I got a couple hours in, and in typical me fashion, I jumped around as stuff caught my eye (look, shiny!).  


I started the evening with the intent of tidying up the hangar (I've let things go a bit with some partially completed tasks causing a few tool piles to pop up outside the toolbox) and about 10 minutes into tidying I ended up getting too close to the prop while holding a sanding block and decided to finish sanding to prepare to repaint (prop has a repair spot from a cowl screw that was a little bit proud) and remove the paint that was applied to the tips.  It's a Hertzler Silver Bullet, and I intend to repaint with White Epoxy Appliance paint.  Anyone have any tips as to what the correct method is to sand something with no flat surface?  Ok to hand sand w/o a block?  Pics attached.


When I finished bit of sanding I returned to tidying, and finding the Fein tool decided to work on trimming the flange in the left side of the fuselage.  I started by making a template from paperboard of the right side flange so I could get the sides to match.  I traced the outline from the template to the flange, and removed the plastic and duct tape used to create a gap (about 1/8") between the fuselage and flange.  I cut a piece of .032" steel sheet to slide between the fuselage and flange while trimming so as to not accidentally cut too deep and cut into the fuselage side.  I got the rough cut done and just need to sand to final shape. Pics attached.







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Decided to start participating in Canard living.



And with pics!  Goody!


How're you going to apply the appliance epoxy?  Frankly, I think it's better to use some 2-component auto urethane.  It will give a durable, exhaust-resistant coating.  I bet that's what Hertzler uses.  Spray it with a cheap touchup gun.  The advantage of spraying is that you can spray an extra coat or two to get the balance right.  I use a balancing stand (first pic).  A couple of knife-edges that you can level on a saw-hourse will work too.


Strut fairings looking good.  Interested to see if you can tell a speed difference.



Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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A few on the field have used it w/ decent results, although not on a prop w/ exhaust exposure as you mentioned.

Well, it should work fine.  The MSDS says its good for homebuilt airplane propellers.  

Let us know how that works.  


From your photos, it appears that the touch up areas will be away from the exhaust plume... is that correct?

Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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