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Found 8 results

  1. after managing thru three company change of owners I'm coming to terms with not enough time available to finish this project....offering it up for sale - Builders log and photos available. Had two EAA Technical Counselor inspections/reports, first after completing all bulkheads and the second after completing the canard. Sadly, not enough time available to complete this project. Over $10,000 in materials/parts. Best reasonable offer. COZY MKIV PROJECT Unmarked Plans #1358 & M drawings Chapter 4-7 Fuselage complete Chapter 8 Head Rest/Seat belts 50% complete Chapter 9 Landing Gear/Brake complete includes: Feather Lite landing gear Electric speed brake Matco W5L1T 5” Wheels/Brakes Michelin Air 5.00 x 5 Tires/Tubes (new in box, old tires mounted on gear) Chapter 10 Canard completed. Feather Lite cores Chapter 11 Elevator completed CG Product controls Chapter 12 Canard installation completed Chapter 13 Nose and Nose Gear 95% complete (Step 10, 11 remaining). Includes: Wilhelmson Electric Nose Lift Kit MKAA Castering Nose Wheel MKNG6A Nose Gear Pivot Assy Automatic Extension Elect Unit Dennis Oelmann Rudder Pedals Matco Brake Cylinders & Reservoirs Feather Lite nose cone/door Nose landing lights , Various shop equipment/tools/supplies (Bid/Uni, Epoxy Box etc) (work table not included)
  2. Due to unforeseen life issues, I need to part with my project. This is a beautiful airplane with many unique features. It is almost complete. Basic panel in and wired, electric nose-lift, forward hinged canopy, larger strakes (elbow room), staggered seats (shoulder room), Ronneberg Berkut style cowls, Dynofocal mount for IO-360, completely painted except for new cowls. Needs interior, engine, and wiring at engine. $20,000
  3. Hello Folks, new to this community and am very excited to take on a Cozy IV project. The project has a complete airframe, engine installed, missing electrical and avionics and all the cosmetics. The project is located in Detroit and I am in Kansas. ANY IDEAS on how to move it? with the wings removed, I believe the width sits around 12 feet with the strakes tip to tip. Also, any estimates on a performance with an O-320? this is what the project currently has installed, might consider switching to an O-360. Any and all help is truly appreciated Regards Manju
  4. Hello folks, I dont have too many hours under the belt, but with all of my flying till date, I dont recollect a good use case for the roll trim (unless the rigging is messed up). I hve never really used roll trim, and most of the tin cans I fly, they DONT even have roll trim. So my question is - on a Cozy 4, is there good value to have roll trim? I was thinking of getting rid of the stock roll trim on the panel, free up some space and make use of the real estate. Thoughts? could the big guns provide some input? Thanks in advance. MN
  5. I am on the cusp of buying plans for the aero canard SX (or FG) and would like to know if there are any owners/builders somewhat near me. A cozy would work just to try one on, and i'd be happy to pay for a joy ride, if possible. my mission is 3 adults, x-country, something like 150kts, IFR capable. I am still between the aero and the rv10 - if the rv10 "allowed" more engine choices, I would likely be my first choice, but io540 prices have gone crazy, and i would prefer a carb engine - due to simplicity of fuel system, to be honest with you. i have looked at the raptor, don't like the "buy the package, only, no other engine choices than a totally unproven auto conversion" and a highly complex set of systems - A/C (no deduct), must buy their avionics package (use it or not, no deduct) must buy their engine (same options) and pressurized (not interested, no deduct), etc.. frankly, looking for an as simple as practical (think pa28 cherokee) with as few additional failure points as possible - I want to accomplish a home build and FLY it, not spend good flying years "fixing" it, would rather build it and fly.
  6. Decided to start participating in Canard living. Been working for months in seclusion. Kent's progress reports have motivated me to try to share more (despite my hardcore introversion). So, tonight I got a couple hours in, and in typical me fashion, I jumped around as stuff caught my eye (look, shiny!). I started the evening with the intent of tidying up the hangar (I've let things go a bit with some partially completed tasks causing a few tool piles to pop up outside the toolbox) and about 10 minutes into tidying I ended up getting too close to the prop while holding a sanding block and decided to finish sanding to prepare to repaint (prop has a repair spot from a cowl screw that was a little bit proud) and remove the paint that was applied to the tips. It's a Hertzler Silver Bullet, and I intend to repaint with White Epoxy Appliance paint. Anyone have any tips as to what the correct method is to sand something with no flat surface? Ok to hand sand w/o a block? Pics attached. When I finished bit of sanding I returned to tidying, and finding the Fein tool decided to work on trimming the flange in the left side of the fuselage. I started by making a template from paperboard of the right side flange so I could get the sides to match. I traced the outline from the template to the flange, and removed the plastic and duct tape used to create a gap (about 1/8") between the fuselage and flange. I cut a piece of .032" steel sheet to slide between the fuselage and flange while trimming so as to not accidentally cut too deep and cut into the fuselage side. I got the rough cut done and just need to sand to final shape. Pics attached. --Craig
  7. I switched projects from the Cozy III to Long EZ. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1147858_Cozy+III+Project+With+Extras.html Cozy III project for sale. It is complete through Ch 7 and half way through Ch 8. It is very good workmanship. This project is an original project from the 1980’s and includes much of the original stuff purchased from the Cozy corp. Originally purchased from Cozy and started by Capt. Kevin Riley. The project includes: · Fuselage in tub stage. Finished through Ch 7 and Chapter 8 is about half finished. · Raw Main Gear Bow from Featherlight. · A fully completed and previously flown Cozy Roncz canard. Needs to be refinished and check elevator balance. This will save having to complete Ch 10 and Ch 11. · Upper and Lower Engine Cowlings · Firewall · Seat Belts · Some Miscellaneous Hardware and materials · All original Cozy III plans and drawings · All original Cozy Newsletter Publications necessary to complete the project in addition to the plans. · All original Cozy Glossy sheets and Marketing Materials · Original Owner Bill of Sale from Cozy · Cozy aircraft decals · All Original Cozy Manuals Altogether, this would easily cost $5000 if you bought it all separately and started from scratch. Additional Information here at my partial build log. http://websites.expercraft.com/longezpatch/ Barnstormers ad here. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1147858_Cozy+III+Project+With+Extras.html $3000 OBO. Will consider trades for LongEZ parts, Wings, Canards, Wing and Canard Cores, Nosegear assemblies, Wright or Wilhelmson systems, Infinity Gear Systems, or PPL Flight Training or tell me what you have. Will consider all trades and offers. I do not check this website often and may not receive reply messages for a few days. Please use the contact information below. Scott "Patch" Humphrey 817-891-0910 scott.c.humphrey@gmail.com
  8. Years ago I read a suggestion somewhere, that instead of building a modern Long EZ, it might be easier to build a tandem Cozy MkIV and get all the benefits of the upgraded designs. Has this ever been done? I see discussion all the time of builders and dreamers who want to make this longer, or that wider, etc. and of course the never ending discussions of a modern Long EZ with everything that was learned from the CP's, Newsletters, Cozy Mk IV, and Berkut advancements all built in. It does seem intuitive that narrowing a MkIV makes more sense that enlarging and modifying a Long EZ. Anything like that ever happened?

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