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Michaels Engineering Ratio Pump


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Coming along with the items I just purchased to get started with my LEZ is a ratio pump, originally set for the 100:45 ratio. I have not checked the M.Es website yet, maybe the community has already the answer to that question: it's the 100:45 ratio pump model. Is there a chance to modify it to get a different ratio? My epoxy system uses a 100:33 ratio. For the time, I am using a fine mail scale and it works okay. Just wanted to know if I could adapt / modify the sticky stuff to get the ratio used for my resin system.




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Tony, is it the round hadle (adjustable) or the square one that is drilled?

If you have the drilled handle, you can either buy the retrofit kit or redrill the handle at the appropriate distance.


I have two pumps that I use. I bought one used and another new.

I retrofitted the used pump to make it adjustable as well.


I have one set up for fast epoxy and the other for slow (MGS 335) that way I can blend them as I go.

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I moved the arm on a pump but the ratios are different and that probably won't work for you



However look at it this way: In order to pump a 100:33 ratio when your pump is designed for 100:45, you have to make the hardener piston move only 73% of the travel it has now (33/45 = .73), or alternatively make the resin piston travel 36% more than it has now (45/33 = 1.36 ) or some combination of reduced hardener + increased resin.


You might be able to do by relocating the arm's pivot point. I'd make scale drawing of the arm/piston geometry and see what geometry might work.

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Aren't those ratios by weight? I think you may find the volumetric ratio for the two hardeners are very much the same. Withing 1-2 percent or so I was told by the North American Distributor.


With the ME pumps, you do test and adjust the weight of the product that comes thru. I have re-calibrated mine a few times over the years, very minute adjustments have ever been needed, but it is the weight you are adjusting to, not the volume.



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