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orion ts canard


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Unfortunatly, this aircraft was never built.


It was designed, and had the external surfaces molded, but was never completed past that.


We instead opted to go with a smaller aircraft, something between the Orion size, and the XL size.


That aircraft has been flying for a year and a half, but the project is currently on hold, due to the great economy we're in.

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do you have any pics of this aircraft?

I searched it on google but found nothing: just curious to see it....

Sure. These were the photos of the mockup as it went to Lakeland around 2001-2002. The aircraft was shelved, to produce the smaller kit plane, the Phoenix.


Phoenix pictures can be seen on our website, www.freedom-aviation.com



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I saw the mockup at one Osh and the new gear JD made for it.


Then a couple years later I saw one just like it but under a different name being offered as plans and a kit in a tent at osh.


Just build a Defiant with two IO-360's on the back, put a nice bizjet nose on the front and stretch to make a 6 passenger model out of it.


See..I've done all the hard work for you already :ROTFLMAO:



CG Products


Cozy Mk-IV RG 13B Turbo

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Inspiration from here?




Looks good, slippery and stylish. Makes the Cirrus Jet look Russian...


Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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