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  1. what do you mean when you say "to fly decent"? what was the problem with that aircraft?
  2. airnico

    0200 Engine Mount

    where can you find them?
  3. news and pics of spaceship2: incredible damn thing! http://www.netcomposites.com/newspic.asp?5743
  4. airnico

    O-235 vs O-320

    here the link for the graphite covers http://www.aeroeliservizi.it/index2.html
  5. airnico

    O-235 vs O-320

    here in Italy there is a company called yo-yo elicopters that has carbon fiber valve cover for the 320. try search on the net if you really can't live without that fancy stuff
  6. airnico

    The ideal panel

    guys, what do you think about vertical power vp200? is it expensive?
  7. Bob, my plug is now complete and I'm going to build the fuselage's molds, a first attempt was made with the lower cowling to test my skills using pvc foam bricks/scrim(do not know the right english word for it) that I did not use before: first impact with it was not so smooth but now I have learned the lesson and think to be able to do a good job. the only problem is the size of the work: I realized that a one person only cannot accomplish such a big work because it's simply huge. I do not have any friends who can help me so I have to go a different way, I'm studying a possible solution.... unfortunately I live so far from where all the magic(in terms of aircraft building) happens.... please send me your address by PM, I'll send you some pics.
  8. impressive numbers.....a huge work! what kind of glass cloth did you use?
  9. Bob, I did not realize the core is balsa, I thought it was made out of pvc bricks linked with a net. sometimes ago I tried to build the cowling mould using pvc bricks, but it's not as easy as one could think. when you lay down the bricks on a curved surface they separate creating a lot of empty spaces to fill with micro. putting the micro in the voids is not that easy: if the micro is too thick it doesn't fill the voids completely because it's not able to go down where the voids are narrow, if it's too fluid it drips somewhere else and at the end the voids are never 100% full. on the other hand the quantity of micro used is very very big. again, when you lay down the bricks on a curved surface some voids are created under the bricks also, as the fuselage curvature is smooth and the curvature created by the bricks is not, so you have to put a bed of micro before to put the bricks. again the quantity of micro is very big. another problem: the bricks want to be curved in one direction only, now I see that you used small pieces of bricks-net instead of just a big one and put it diagonally, is it the secret to do a good job?. do you have any idea about the quantity of micro used for the whole fuselage? and how long did it take to do the job?I guess really a lot.... but it has turned out as a great job!!
  10. do you have any drawing to show?
  11. does it make something better for forward visibility?
  12. it's not the first time we talk about the different position of the canard in the E-racer(2"down), what is the reason it has been done for? is there any datas showing diferences in the aircraft behaviour due to this mod?
  13. good luck! the way is long but you'll have a lot of fun
  14. their work's level is at least impressive: I can't wait to see what will come out of that mold!
  15. So you know what I'm talking about.....really funny, may be it could sound even crazy to someone, but when you start building something like that you want to do 110% your best every day, no compromises, otherwise do not start at all. I did not stretch the fuselage because I actually did not have experience on this mod, there is a guy here in italy who is building a berkut but I was not able to have any collaboration whit him so I preferred to stick to the original canard position, but I have a quite long nose to put ballast in. I have later met a friendly guy who has built a stratched fuselage and he reported to me that it flys better than his previous per plans Long-Ez: according to his words it has superior stability and can fly to greater angles of attack. I did not fly with him so I only can report his words, but you can take a look at his work here http://www.comgz.com/stag-ez.htm another question: why did you build a downward(and forward)inclined surface where the canard is supposed to be attached?

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