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  1. Hi everybody, I was on line the other night researching engines and I came across an ad for a 2-cylinder Franklin engine on ebay that had motor attach points like my varieze, so I went to the web site for Franklin engines. They had a BRAND NEW FAA Certified 4-cylinder Franklin engine that was made to attach to an 0200 engine mount, with the approximate weight of an 0200, and a 125-horse power rating for $6,900.00. That sounded like a pretty good deal. Does anyone know of a varieze with a Franklin engine? Robert
  2. rmc3pe

    0200 Engine Mount

    Hi Tony, I would love to see a picture of your engine mount. My email address is as follows: envirotech@ymail.com Thank you for your reply. Sincerely, Robert
  3. rmc3pe

    0200 Engine Mount

    Hi Big Steve, Thank you for your reply. I may end up having to build my own engine mount. Hopefully I can find a set of plans to work from. Robert
  4. rmc3pe

    0200 Engine Mount

    Does anyone know where I could get a Continental 0200 engine mount for a varieze? Does a standard mount for C-150/152 work, or does the mount have to be custom built? Robert
  5. Hi Steve1,TMann, MacGyver, and LimoEZ, Steve, I tend to agree with you about certified aircraft engines. A lot of time and energy has been put into developing reliable engines for aircraft. TMann, as you mentioned, the only reason you would move from a Lycoming or Continental solution to an auto/conversion would be to avoid a piston powerplant. I've been studying the rotary engine and it has intriguing qualities with respect to fatigue. However, since my plane does not appear to have been set up originally fo a rotary engine, I doubt I would choose to pursue that direction. (Too many experimental elements for this project) MacGyver, I believe you have an accurate picture of my situation. I have no information on the ancestry of the plane and the plane was advertised as "for parts". (Of course, I was not aware of that when I traded my gyro for it.) I've generally found forums like this one to be excellent sources of information. However, as you said, this is an informal forum for ideas/opinions/information exchange so, I glean what I can. I am currently in the process of gathering information such as plans and flight data, including studying all of the incident data at the FAA web site, in an effort to determine exactly how feasible this project is and what to expect if I get it flying. As you mentioned, I have a LOT of work to do (I expect years), and this is a plans built aircraft. That's one of the reasons I'm hesitant to start changing out motor mounts and using a different engine than the original builder(provided he used an engine of comparable weight and horse power to the designer's specifications). I have a meeting set up with Bob Setzer after Christmas to assess my airplane and determine the best direction to refurbish it. He has graciously offered to look at my project and give me advice as to how to proceed. (Before I put ANY more money into this project, I want to make sure it's a good one.) I expect if the plane is feasibly salvagable, I will end up putting an 0200 or an 0235 on it. As an engineer myself, I'm partial to sticking to the plans (when I can find them). I don't like reinventing the wheel or fixing things that ain't broke. Long EZ, I expect that's the direction I will be going after I confirm that I have a viable project. Regards to all, Robert
  6. Hi Richard, Thank you for your reply. I'll check out the RW-100 engine. I would certainly like to use my engine mount if I can safely. Robert
  7. Hi MichaelJ, Have you looked at how my existing engine mount is connected to the fire wall. Does it look like an 0200 mount would connect to my fire wall? I don't know, I haven't found a picture of an 0200 setup yet. If it's an easy exchange, that may be my best option. Robert
  8. Hi Limo EZ, What kind of engine do you think it could be? It's definitly not a corvair or VW motor. The mount holes on the bottom are too close together from front to back for a corvair and a VW motor mounts through horizontal bolt holes similar to an 0200. Also, this mount has 3 horizontal holes close together at what would normally be the top of the crank case. Are you sure that none of the older rotary engines used a coil ignition? I'm getting concerned about figuring out what kind of engine was on this plane. I really don't want to change out the motormount, but I guess I'll have to if I can't determine what kind of engine was on this plane. I'm open to ideas!! Thanks for the imput! Robert
  9. After rechecking my engine mount. I believe my airplane must have had a rotary engine installed on it since the hole locations don't appear to be in the correct positions for either a VW or a corvair engine. But, I 'm still checking. Regards Robert
  10. Hi Michaelj, It's funny you mentioned it. I was just looking through the rotary engine sites and it looks like that might just be what was in mine. A rotary engine appears to be close to the dimensions that I would expect to fit my existing motor mount. Do you know of anyone who has used a rotary engine in a varieze? Robert
  11. Hi Rich and Vari/Long EZ, Sadly, I don't have the N-number for my varieze. In addition, I went to the William Wynne web site and checked out the engine mount positions for a corvair engine. They do not appear to be in the same location as the holes on my engine mount. When you look at the engine mount on my aircraft, there are 4 bottom mount holes fairly close to each other, then there are 3 horizontal mount holes closer to the fire wall and facing in the direction of the prop. If you or anyone else you know as ANY idea what might have been mounted there, let me know. I'm stumped!! Also, would the engine mount for an 0200 attach to a varieze the way this engine mount does. (If I can't figure out what engine originally went on this plane I plan on installing the engine most normally used on a varieze.) Thank you for your responses and help. Sincerely, Robert
  12. Hi Tom, Thankyou for the reply. I thought it was a corvair mount also until I looked at it closely today. I don't know what used to be mounted to it now. I've attached some pictures for people to look at. If anyone has an idea, I'm certainly ready to hear it. Robert
  13. Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply. I'll try to get some photos on later today. Robert
  14. Hi Everybody, Does anyone know of any varieze aircraft with corvair engines? I was checking out the engine mount on the varieze project I just traded for and it looks like the four main attach points would be located under the crank case. The only engine I've found with a four bolt pattern under the crank case that looks like it would fit my engine mount is the corvair engine. I would like to put a photograph on this site for you guys to look at. Can somebody tell me how post a photograph? Thank you, Robert
  15. rmc3pe

    Varieze History

    Hi Ghost, Thank you for the tip. I will try to contact Bob Setzer and see if he would be willing to advise me on refurbishing my Varieze. Robert

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