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  1. well i don't really have a purpose to use any engine, just thought i'd ask to have some info if i ever needed to decide! plus i'm just a curious noob!
  2. wonder if then a 540 would be just as good a buy, since the 720's only advantage seems to be only a modest increase in horsepower.
  3. Anyone got some general info on this plane. Also if anyone else has tried to make a plane similar or like it?
  4. just a curiosity about the engine really, i hadn't anything really in mind.
  5. anyone have any useful info on this engine, especially anyone whos actually flown one? Just wonderin maybe how it stacks up to the IO-540 in general? thanks!!
  6. lynn, so your saying to maybe accomplish this you could move the engine back and connect it to the prop in the front. that would be kinda hard though!
  7. yes i considered that, i don't know much about structure and aerodynamics but what if you shifted the wing back and the pilot seat to reduce forward weight , i've also heard the prop would interfere with the stall advantages of a normal canard plane by locking it into a deep stall with the prop wash or something crazy like that!!!
  8. no, not any tandem aircraft or a defiant, but one that has a tractor propeller and a main wing, yet still a canard like a velocity or ez
  9. Just a question i've been pondering, but , i was wondering if it would be possible to have a lifting canard and an engine in the front that pulls. What would be the aerodynamic problems and complexities with this? Again just wonderin!! thnxz!!
  10. does anyone have any info on a canard plane called the orion ts, very interested!!!!

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