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Fiberglass (BID) tapes


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Does anyone know if the Standard E-Glass and Fiberglass tapes available from Aircraft Spruce have the major fiber bundles running at 45 degrees to the selvage edge (can't tell from the picture)? According to the catalog, these are 8.7 oz/sq. yd vs 8.8 for the Rutan BID a seemingly insignificant difference. If these rolls of tapes are 45 degrees to the selvage edge, has anyone used them?

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Thanks Steve. I was afraid of that since I have yet to see a selvage edge on any cloth that doesn't run 0 and 90. Can't imagine what those tapes would be useful for being that they are in an Aircraft Spruce catalog.


Was hoping there was a way of not having to cut my own tapes (for the 4th time)! :irked:

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Easiest method that I've found (stolen from Cozy Girrrls, I think) is this:


  • Lay out 2 plies on a sheet of aluminum foil.
  • Wet out the glass, ensuring the epoxy goes through both layers.
  • Cut 2" wide strips (I am using the roteray cutter, easy to cut straight lines)
  • Pick up the 2" wide strip the foil backing, transfer it to the part, and press it in place, with the foil on the top side.
  • Remove the foil, add peel ply, press out any air-bubbles, and you're good to go. Very easy, the glass plies don't get all stretched out or frayed edges.
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I've done the same with poly. Wet out a couple plies, cover withthe second layer of poly and use the pizza cutter to cut them into 2 inch wide tapes.


If you plan ahead, you can roll them up and store thrm in the freezer until you need them (about a week) then apply them and warm them up with a heat gun.

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Guys, thanks for the tips. This is my 3rd canard airplane, and 4th homebuilt. Just thought they may have finally figured out how to make the various width tapes with the correct 45 degree fiber orientation to the selvage edge so I wouldn't have to cut the dang things.



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