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  1. First Wensday each month www.eaa221.org for the time and place
  2. I am in Three Rivers. I built the 2nd Vari-Eze to fly in Michigan back in the 70's. I sold that to buy a 172 for the kids to learn in and I moved to a private grass strip so the VE wasn't a viable airplane for me. I am in the planning stages for a modified Long-Ez. Nothing radical or that has not been done already. We have a Long and A Velocity based at Three Rivers, a velocity and an Aero Canard in process in the Kazoo EAA chapter 221. If you get to the Kazoo area give me a call we'll do coffee or somthing. PM me at CustomAire@gmail and I'll give you my cell #.
  3. Per the VE drawings the wing attach pins have a 10 deg taper. If the fittings came from Kan Brock (99% did) then thats what they will be. 4130 steel heat treated & cad plated. If you are working on a VE then you should have a copy of the drawings. All this stuff is in there. Terry
  4. Terry

    Missing Plans

    Patrick e-mail me I may be able to help terrybrokaw@gmail.com Terry
  5. The purpose of the fuel tank screen is to prevent the fuel line from getting plugged so that screen should be fairly coarse. All certified airplanes have a screen of about 1/8th to 3/16th mesh size. It is basically there to catch the big stuff that would plug the fuel line or valves and such. The strainer and other down stream filters that can be easily cleaned catch the fine stuff. Terry
  6. My guess would be an O-290. I think all the narrow deck O-320's had plates under the cylinder dold down nuts. To be sure, pull a rocker cover, if it has adjustable rocker arms then it is a 290. If not then a 320. I'm betting on a 290. Terry EAA 221 T.C. A&P
  7. You are right CBarber I see this as a 5 point failure 1. The people that are not willing to accept the responsibility and consequences of their actions. 2. The lawyers that will litigate for any cause if they make money at it. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. 3. Judges that will listen to this crap. They can and have dismissed frivolous litigation. 4. Defendants that will settle out of court "because it is cheaper". 5. The last and most tragic THE PEOPLE. The juries don't under stand that these judgments cost us all in the end. If there is negligence then by all means hold the guilty accountable. All of life has some risk. Just because someone takes more risk than they should doesn’t mean someone else should pay.
  8. Like I said some have used baby powder for a long time with no problems. Informed choices are always better than uninformed ones. Maybe they didn't put oil in baby powder 55 yrs ago:)
  9. Terry


    I have a set of unused wing attach fittings and a set of wing cores that are surplus to my needs. Make me an offer. Terry
  10. I'm sure some will tell me they have been using baby poweder for 10,000 years and have had no problem but most baby powder has oil in it and is not good for the tires and tubes. Better to use tire talc. Terry A&P A.I.
  11. IAW AC43.13-1B Table 7-1. 1/4-28 (AN4-XX) bolt 50 to 70 INCH pounds (4.2 to 5.3 foot pounds) 100 INCH pounds (8.3 foot pounds) MAX. This is on the FAA.GOV web site but every one building/working on an airplane should have a paper copy. Much good stuff in there. Terry
  12. Change the nutplates. They may look ok but there not. Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts instead of german torque and this won't happen. Terry
  13. I think the throttle body for a IO360 would be to large to meter properly on a O235 and the nozzles would also be to big. These people can steer you in the right direction www.airflowperformance.com/ As far as the poor airflow distribution goes, balanced fuel nozzles such as those from GAMI would likely take care of that. Terry
  14. No such thing as C65 just A65. A65 can be converted to A75 A75 is not the same as C75 “A” series cannot be converted to “C” series Some C75 can go C85 Some C85 can go C90 Some C90 can go O200 Not all conversions that are physically doable are economically feasible e.g. C85 to O200, case, crank & pistons are different. Not all conversions that are physically doable are TCM or STC supported, not that important with experimental but if you wanted/needed to sell that would have an effect on resalablity and value. TCDS on the FAA web site is a good source of info. Terry

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