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Cannard Baffling


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I'm now using a very soft spunge strip, such as used on doorseals, but much softer and larger. it has a selfadhesive strip on one side ... works Ok, but only 3 flights so far.

I live in my own little world! but its OK, they know me here!

Chris Van Hoof, Johannesburg, South Africa operate from FASY (Baragwanath)

Cozy Mk IV, ZU-CZZ, IO-360 (200hp) 70x80 prop

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You can get a piece of dental dam from your dentist, (or teenagers). This is a thin piece of latex in a square approximately 6"X6" you can punch a hole in it, slip it over the rotating tube clamp it to same and glue it to the fuselage. Stops the wind, is flexible and gives very little resistance to deformation. (thus the reference to the availability by teenagers (does not transmit disease):confused: )

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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