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Birch a little warped


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Hi folks,


I purchased my birch 2'x4' plywood from Spruce today and it came a little warped. They said it came in wet and they were all pretty much like that.


I was thinking of misting some water on it and weight it down to straighten it out. Or, return it to spruce and get it from wicks or should I even worry about it.



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How badly is it warped .. and how big is the biggest piece you have to cut from it, could you really see it over that piece?

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I purchased my birch plywood from Wicks, and it arrived warped too. Wicks asked me to mist it with some water, then weigh it down. I did this a few times to both sides, but it only got slightly worse. I let Wicks know that it was getting worse, and they sent me a new piece of plywood that was nice and flat for free... they even paid for the shipping and didn't want the old piece back.


Its been said here before, that we pay good money for these items, and we should expect undamaged products. You should not have been sent a warped piece of plywood that has already gotten wet... its not exterior grade plywood.


You can try to wet it down and get rid of the warp, but it may or may not work. I would ask for a refund on that item if they can't send you a flat piece. If you order one from Wicks, make sure you tell them it needs to be flat. I'm not sure if the fiberglass will remove the warp (maintain the flatness of a warped piece), but I didn't want to chance it.

Andrew Anunson

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Mine came like that and I got all sorts of concerned, upset, etc. I was told to mist it down as well, but didn't. Instead, I laid it flat in the box on the garage floor with the foam on top of it. A couple months later, when I needed it, it was flat. YMMV.

Jon Matcho :busy:
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mine was warped from wicks or spruce, can[t remember which,


I epoxied it, glassed it and let it cure under weight.


It came out flat as a board:p


It was several months before I used it and it remained flat

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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