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Paint & UV Primer


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I'm doing some major, but not total, refinishing. I replaced a wing and am doing major work to the cowling. What are the latest preferences for primer & paint? I really want to stick with a single brand all the way through.


I seem to remember way back when that we used DuPont 131S black primer as a UV barrier, but that was 25 years ago. Surely there must be something more modern.


I have seen PPG mentioned, but the closest dealer is 50 miles away, but I do have a DuPont store fairly close.


I am using the Cory Bird method.






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Well, I've painted two fiberglass airplanes. I don't think anyone uses anything special for UV protection these days. A good primer and topcoat will be fine. The black Dupont primer you mentioned did not stick very well anyway. I have always used an epoxy primer but Dupont has some easier-sanding primers I might try next time.


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I used DuPont "nason 421-19" 2K Urethane primer (gray) with "nason 483-87" activator. My trusted car paint store for 20 years says this is "the good stuff" for our application.


2-3 medium wet coats, 10 min. flash, 2-3 hr. dry to sand.


The photo below is one quart, one coat.


Warning: If you do the Cory Bird method, don't bother with MGS. It takes at least a half day for each application (50-50 slow/fast) and after 3 coats at the way Wayn Hicks suggests, its a pain to sand. The horizontal areas are great but the vertical and curved areas have drips that needed sanding flat. In those areas it wasd easy to go through the "skin" and make divots into the now "unskinned" micro along side the high spots. I suggest you cover with West like Wayne did if you want to do it easily. The only thing is I hear the TG for that stuff is only 120 deg. Your call.


Note: I chased pin holes for 3 afternoons before getting them all. I'm sure the epoxy got the last remaining few but at what cost.



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That is lookin' waaaay smooth and nice Greg.:)

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