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WANTED: Long-EZ License Agreement

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Does anybody have a Long-EZ license agreement signed with a serial number, that was never used for construction? I already have the original plans with the license intact, I bought in the e-bay from Aaron Morse in December of 2006. I only need the signed license agreement with a serial number.


Thank you,

Luiz Fernando

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here in Brasil, we needed the license to obtain the necessary authorization for the construction. Still more than it is treated of a famous model like Long-Ez. Without the license I don't get to register the aircraft.


Luiz Fernando

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Stupid bureaucrats! Print this out:




I, the undersigned Aaron Morse, for value received, do hereby transfer Long-EZ plans set number __________, and the license of Rutan Aircraft Company to build such Long-EZ aircraft, to Luiz Fernando.


The aforementioned Luiz Fernando purchased said plans and license from me in an Ebay auction closing on ___________________.


This _________ day of _______________, 2008.





Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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I just realized I don't have you on any lists for Brazil.


Would you give me contact information so I have you on my lists for Brazil.






E-mail Address.


Would you like a list of others I've had on my lists for Brazil?


If you travel, just ask and I'll find you a list of locals outside Brazil too.



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