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Overfilling E-Racer Wing and Center Section Spar Caps

King Racer

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Has anyone not been able to use all the spar cap plies (as per the the layup schedules in the plans), without overfilling the spar caps, when building the E-Racer wings and/or center spar? Is it critical to use all plies. Does overfilling the center spar (spar caps) by 1/16" to 1/8" have any aerodynamic repercussions or is it just an issue of having to use micro fill where the strakes and wings mate? The E-Racer is designed for +9g and -6g maneuvers, well beyond my flying requirements.



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I had a slight problem with the last 2 layers on the spar. Keep on the heat gun and squeegee is all you can do at that point. Be sure of course not to over do because of too much goo on the bottom though. Mine actually kind of sank a bit overnight but still had a little rise. No bother, you'll be okay later when you find a lot of those bumps and joggles. ;)

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Do yourself a favor and precut the lengths you need as per plans to make sure you have enough before you start the layups. I bought out a builder who quit and it came with precut canard cores and a big roll of spar cap tape, along with a bunch of other stuff. I made the canard, then went on to the main spar. I was not sure if I had enough, so I took a 12' piece of kraft paper, 1 1/2 ft. wide, and layed out all my lenghts, leaving about an extra 3 inches on each. I cut them to length and folded a piece of 1 inch tape over the ends to keep them in place. (Once I did the layups, they were easy to grab and set in place and then just cut off the taped ends, don't try to take the tape off!!!). I even numbered the individual lengths on the taped ends. When I got one side finished, I rolled the whole bunch up with the kraft paper, labeled it top, or bottom, and did the same for the other side. Sure enough, I ended up the last two lengths short. This amounted to about 7 feet. I was about 3 weeks away from doing the spar caps, so ordering it was not a big deal.


As it turned out, the extra 3 inches on the ends of 38 lengths was almost exactly the amount I was short, so I would have barely made it had I just rolled them on as I went. But I can tell you that it is better knowing I have enough to finish while doing it, instead of getting worried while watching the roll getting smaller as I go.


Worked for me.



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