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Accident in Va.

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Tail number looks like N?VE. There are about 3 or 4 candidates in the FAA db. The video is grainy, but does it look like the engine is gone?


I added this after the fact, the airplane does appear to be a VariEZ. I did not want to give out a complete tail number because in the story they had not notified next of kin.

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You can pull this Jon if you feel it inapropriate...

The only types of posts that get pulled here are SPAM and other nonsense.


This is sad news indeed when you take moment to stop and think. The fellow was just trying to take advantage of some beautiful October weather. My condolences go out to his family.

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This is a letter from EAA Chapter 339 Past President to our chapter members:


As you have probably heard on the local news, Jeff was killed October 3rd trying to make an emergency landing in his Vari-Eze 4 miles southwest of CPK alongside Route 17. The airplane hit a fence then cart wheeled across the roadway coming to rest on the west side. It was reported that moment before; he had radioed a distress call. A very well written account was published in the Virginian Pilot (our local newspaper).


Jeff was relatively new to the Chapter having been a member for about a year. He was a LtCol in the Marine Corps serving at U.S. Joint Forces Command in the J7 Joint Training Directorate at Suffolk. All Marines are a bit unique. They are certainly the Proud and the Few. To the average Joe and Jill, this is just a slogan - to the Marine it is a way of life. Everything they do is meant to bring honor to their Country and Corps. As unique as the Marines are, Jeff was still a cut above the rest. He was an experienced Marine Aviator who served as Commander Officer of a Fleet Marine Fighter Attack squadron flying F/A-18s. We need to honor Jeff by remembering him and his service.


By our standards he was a relatively young man – 44 years old. He enjoyed participating in Chapter events, attending chapter meetings, and maintaining his Vari-Eze. A busy man at work, he seemed to find time after the daily grind to get a quick flight in during that magic time as the sun is setting. Around the hangar he seemed reserved and business like, yet always friendly. However, when I asked him what it was like to fly the Eze, he suddenly became able to describe the flight characteristics with such vigor and detail that it felt like I was experiencing a flight with him. The country has certainly lost one of its finest and we have lost a good friend.


Joe Love (airport manager) and Mary at CPK called me today on several occasions to pass on news as soon as it was known. Joe indicated that a memorial service is to be held Friday 10/5 at U.S. JFCOM -Suffolk off College Drive at 1100. That is all that is known. I assume this will be in the main building lobby at JFCOM directly ahead of the main gate. This is traditionally the location for official ceremonies at JFCOM. I’m not aware of any waivers in the security policies for this special event. Normal access requires a DoD Common Access Card. If you are interested in attending I recommend calling ahead and arriving early. Parking is very limited. I plan to attend and represent the chapter. Others are certainly encouraged to do the same if you desire.



John Andre

Wayne Hicks

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