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  1. Only the Lodge charges for food. I have not asked nor sought donations for the chili. ...However Girrrls, if you want to send over a few parts...
  2. Without a scale it looks like a VHF receiver antenna. It is difficult to tell what band of frequencies it would be good for. Antennas of this type generally have a wider bandwidth but I would not put any expensive transmitter on it.
  3. I heard a rumor that someone had built his pods with power and a fuel hookup. The idea was to have a fuel bladder in the pod. By using a bladder, he could switch between baggage or fuel depending on the mission required.
  4. The only thing I remember about canard incidents over the last few years are builders wanting to change it for shorter takeoff runs. I also remember some discussions about making the nose gear a little longer instead of changing the incident angle. Maybe someone remembers the details...
  5. Yep, no full-size flying models yet. Interesting how they are going to get one up and flying and get the kits out to the customers in 2007...
  6. Well the aircraft's performance will also improve just as soon as the kids leave for college too...
  7. The advice about doing this on your second plane is sound advice. What you are trying to do is possible...HOWEVER...there is a considerable amount of work you would have to do plus investigate changes in roll authority at the slower takeoff and landing speeds you will be flying at. Additionally you will be adding weight to the aircraft and in places that will have a large impact on machine's CG. To get up off the ground faster keep the aircraft on diet. Another option is a variable pitch propeller. The Cat's Meow (a Cozy MKIV) is flying with 200hp 360 with constant speed prop. Chrissi says it leaves the ground like a scalded cat.
  8. BRS has its own problems. I think Marc, et al, have said that safety is a series of hopefully thoughtful tradeoffs. In the case of BRS you need to evaluate the cost of BRS vs something else you could do. A BRS is minimally going to cost $12K. $12K buys a lot on an aircraft. That money could be used to make you powerplant system more reliable, better flight instruments, additional training; all of which may have a better payoff than BRS. BRS has additional issues. Like Chrissi pointed out flying at night or over inhospitable terrain is where it shines. However, approach and departures are where a lot of the accidents happen. That means you have to make the decision to deploy very quickly and be reasonably sure that firing that beast off is the right thing to do. Additionally, BRS is going to add weight, real estate, and CG issues, plus you will be the pioneeer. If the wife really wants BRS it may be a better idea to look at plane already equipped with one.
  9. Todd does great work and its very reasonably priced. There is a lot of art involved in making a canopy and Todd sure seems to be one of them...
  10. Really neat. Somehow I thought it would be more violent than that.
  11. BTW, it looks like the Wiki is going to be its own separate entity. It has all the problems Wikis have, but that isn't different than any other Wiki.
  12. It look very nice at RR and if they didn't have a client already for the one they built, it would have been sold off.
  13. Tail number looks like N?VE. There are about 3 or 4 candidates in the FAA db. The video is grainy, but does it look like the engine is gone? I added this after the fact, the airplane does appear to be a VariEZ. I did not want to give out a complete tail number because in the story they had not notified next of kin.
  14. It was an old video, but the canard did not snap until it was past 13Gs. In case you missed it, that was a canard that had dry weave. Burt went on to say he hoped the guy whose canard they rejected wasn't in the audience...but...it was good the canard was rejected because with time the weave would move around and weaken.
  15. It was something watching that guy put the throttle to firewall. It flew and appeared to fly quite well, though the sound of those 18 horses could not be heard far from the gas pumps...

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