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Ghost-Rider II

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I purchased a used VariEZe less engine and panel a couple of years ago.


Engine mounted ( Continental 0-200 ) and running great, but I am tired of Hand Proping.


Because the panel isn’t complete, I have limited my activities to tinkering on the panel the rigging, and running the engine periodically.


I was taught how to hand-prop by a very experienced pilot, and I haven’t experienced any accidents, or even a close call for the matter. The issue is after the engine warms up. You end up with one arm looking like Popeye the sailor from swinging the prop over and over again.


As most builders already know, weight is the primary concern when considering a starter on a VariEZe project. This can be offset with a Light Weight Starter, and then cost is added to the decision equation.


I have accepted the cost, and need to decide on a starter. It’s my understanding that the 2 light weight starters on the market are B & C, and Sky-Tech.


Can anyone provide any feedback on either one of these?


Thank you.

It's better :rolleyes: to have started building and not finished then to have never started at all :cool:

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I have the B&C starter on my O300 in my Cessna 172. I am very happy with the performance of this unit. Consumer Aviation rated the B&C starter higher than the others but it costs more. As an A&P and Tech Counselor, I have recomended B&C products on many occasions and have yet to be sorry. I have no experience with the Sky-Tec.

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I have had 2 skytecs---one in a Longez and one in my Cozy. Muuucchhh lighter than the "standard" starter. Had no problems. Never had a B&C starter---but did have their 90 deg Oil filter adapter in my Longez----one of the best things I did---and way better than a remote.

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I replaced my heavy starter on my C-85 with a B and C and immediately noticed how much faster it cranked over than with the old original. I don't have any experience with the other one. No problems with the B and C.

And I installed a lighter and smaller AH battery in nose.

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I built and flew a Vari-Eze for 12 years equipped with an 0-200 engine - no starter.

Have built an Vari-Long-EZ equipped with an 0-200 - electric starter (good stuff). Orginally had a Sky-Tec starter which lasted about 50 starts. Installed a light-weight, high quality B & C starter (best thing since sliced bread)

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