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  1. MacGyver (Joe Person) is on this forum. Boeing engineer, materials expert, tech advisor, varieze extraordinare.
  2. My longez had the fuel valve mounted in the hell hole. It was actuated with a torque tube (as opposed to the little rod that the Varieze used/uses). Actuation was very solid feeling. Mounting location near my right shoulder/elbow was not a problem. My Cozy has the standard valve mounting location (right elbow). However, I do have a both selection that I run mostly---and do have the ability to run right or left in the event that I need to tank isolate. John Denver's biggest 2 problems were: 1. Failure to realize he was too low on gas during preflight---even though he looked at and acknowledged the tank amounts. 2. Failure to realize that he was not going to restart the engine, failure to suck up his fate, and failure to execute a nice landing in the water. AFAIK, 100% of EZ water landings (pilots executing a good landing in the water as opposed to an uncontrolled crash) have had 0 deaths. The fuel valve set up, the extra cusions behind his back, and rudder pedals that were that were not yet adjusted for him---were all contributing factors for not restarting the engine. But if number 1 (above) was taken care of, there would have been no reason for number 2. And if he executed a good landing----he would be out a Longez---but he would have survived. The John Denver story is not a Longez story----it is a pilot headwork story. Pilots running out of gas is one of the worst headwork items. At almost every fly-in/airshow, people ask if my airplane is the kind that John Denver died in----and then they more or less want to know how I feel flying an airplane that has those kind of problems. Of course, I reset their thinking----any pilot can run any plane out of gas---and he could have survived it.
  3. I am joining the club too. My BM gen4 lite is out and now cutting a panel for the 7 inch Skyview. I will be taking Dynon up on their offer for the trade in---unless someone want to make me a better offer. My BM is fully functional---and have never had a problem with anything. BM recently stopped supporting---but looks like there may be some resurrection of support from a second party (but don't hold your breath). The Skyview will be my 3rd Dynon system. My first was their first product---put it in my Longez---worked great for what it did. I currently have a Dynon engine monitor. While Skyview also does engine monitoring---I will not use that feature since I already have the separate screen.
  4. TAS would be the same as groundspeed if the wind was taken into account. Or said another way---TAS is the actual speed through the air (True Air Speed). Once you add or subtract wind---you have groundspeed. IAS is the speed on the airspeed indicator. It substantially fall off with altitude (in space, your ASI would be zero even though you were orbiting at around 17000 mph.
  5. Unless you bled down the battery too much---in that case, the alternator would not have enough juice going to it to generate juice. I carry one of each also.
  6. 425 is too hot for normal operation---regardless of what the book says. Need to be below 400---375 is better. If I run ROP, I will be in the 375 range---if I run LOP, I will be at 325 to 350----and at the same speed. What is your total area on the intakes?
  7. Drew Swenson


    Aircraft Description Serial Number 369 Type Registration Corporation Manufacturer Name DORMAN & LABONTE Certificate Issue Date 09/17/2008 Model LONG EZ Status Valid Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Single-Engine Type Engine Reciprocating Pending Number Change None Dealer No Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 51027462 MFR Year None Fractional Owner NO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registered Owner Name PLANE FUN INC TRUSTEE Street 2003 DEERFIELD RUN City SNELLVILLE State GEORGIA County GWINNETT Zip Code 30078-2403 Country UNITED STATES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Airworthiness Engine Manufacturer Unknown Classification Unknown Engine Model Unknown Category None A/W Date None
  8. Start with reading the canard pushers. From there you will learn not only the list---but why changes were made. It will also give you a very good understanding of the airplane. I consider it a must read before messing around with the airplane.
  9. checkout canardzone>flying>props Also search for prince, hertzler, and catto.
  10. Drew Swenson


    <snip>What is an EIS/EMS?<snip> He is basically asking if you have an engine monitor.
  11. <snip>My plane is NOT the most efficient, isn't going to win a CAFE contest and certainly isn't going to win a craftsman award at Oshkosh but if you want pure performance the extra horses under the cowl make a huge difference.<snip> Frank---I agree with you---but those are increasing horses on different planes. The 360 on your Berk EZ has got to be great---but the 360 on a Varieze has got to fly like a dog---except that it goes real fast, climbs like you read about, doesn't carry very much, and is relatively unresponsive on the controls.
  12. You need to do what you can to get hold of the plans. You are at a severe disadvantage without it. The terf cd is one source
  13. Or you could boost to maintain HP with the increase in altitude.
  14. Did the previous owner actually hear the RPM drop--or was it just on the indicator?
  15. Try also "Tony Bingelis on Engines" and "Firewall Forward" by Tony Bingelis.

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