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  1. Hi All - Rick, thanks for the clarification on the lighting angle vs. year of manufacture, I forgot about that. And yes, there is information missing: the nav LED lights may require a reflector to cover all angles, unless a triple-branch LED like the one I'm using ("Luxen K2 Star"). I'll be sure to check it from all angles before finishing installation. If needed to cover all angles, I'll use two LEDs installed on an aluminum reflector at the proper angles. They cost just a few dollars each, and last 100,000 hours or so. On the candlepower: I think a lumen is defined as the light produced by one candle shining in one square foot one foot away -- it is not a function of time, just intensity. So a 400-lumen strobe, flashing for a tenth of a second or 1 hour, is still outputting 400 lumen. LEDs come on in hundredths of a second, so they are fully bright very quickly. I'm keeping mine on for just under 1/10 of a second each second -- plenty of time to ramp up to full brightness. I'll post my circuit diagram in a few days. Regards, SPG1 Arlington, Tx
  2. Hi All, Regarding the use and design of LED systems, there is a good post at this link: http://www.eaa724.org/MeetingsEventsYear2004.html#anchorGarratt scroll down a bit until you see the discussion about LEDs. There are some useful links regarding the lighting requirements. Quoting that article: "Basically, you need 360 degree strobe coverage horizontally, plus 30 degrees of vertical visibility. The side position lights need 110 degrees of horizontal coverage, and a white tail position light must be seen from 70 degrees aft." I just built a nice strobe/nav light system for my VariEze, total cost was about $70. I purchased 2 Luxeon 480-lumen LEDs (min FAA req't is 400 lumen) and made a 2-inch square flashing circuit out of about $20 in parts from Radio Shack for the strobe system. (total parts: 1 IC + 3 resistors + 1 + the 2 LEDs). I used specific values of the resistors & the capacitor to obtain an 80 milli-second flash every 0.8 seconds.. a nice 'strobe' effect... it's an easy calculation to tweak it to whatever you desire. The wingtip lights required just one 75-lumen LED and 1 resistor per side, tied into the 12V bus/switch/circuit breaker. My system is on the bench now, I'm currently working on the mount/installation into the plane now. I'm putting the nav lights on the canard tips, the strobes on the wing tips. I'd be happy to post the entire parts list, flashing circuit, etc. if anyone is interested. SPG1 Arlington, Tx
  3. Dan - A compilation of reported weights for over 100 VariEze from the CSA archives shows empty weights ranging from 550 lb to 1050 lb, with an average of 697 lb. Some folks fly above the 1050-lb handbook maximum, perhaps rationalizing that the current 2.5G-restriction recommended by RAF for all VariEzes allows for a higher gross weight (it does not). Build light! SPG1 Arlington, Tx
  4. Tony, FYI, certain models of M-S carburetors do *not* have an mixture idle cutoff -- you have to kill the engine with the mags. Such is the case with my C-85. We thought we had a problem when full-lean mixture would not kill the engine, but it was working per design. Check with your O-200 overhaul manual. Regards, SPG1 Arlington, Tx
  5. With regards to gear/canopy/throttle warnings, for your consideration you might be interested in my slightly modified warning circuit, attached in post #7 under Electrical Systems/ Warning Circuit. Regards, SPG1
  6. The Microair 760 fits in a small hole and has a built in intercom. Based on advice from a buddy who has one in his plane, I recently got one ($600 used) and I'm installing it this weekend. I'll let you know of any issues. SPG1
  7. spg_76013


    On our C85-powered VariEze, we went with an S-TEC starter, small Odessy battery & B&C 200G Alternator. We've only had a dozen or so starts so far, with no problems. SPG1
  8. Do note that you can convert certain C-65s to C-75s, and certain C-75s to C-85s, and on some models, a C-85 into an O-200. Lots of changes, but do-able. See service bulletin at: http://www.popularaviation.com/docs/Cont_M47_16.pdf SPG1
  9. Here are pictures of the O-200/C-85/C-75 exhaust stacks I've got for sale ($400). They are stainless, and are designed for the typical exit out the lower cowl near the trailing edge, straight out from the cylinders. (i.e., they are *not* the wrap-around which exit near the spinner). This was a design by VariEze/LongEze builder Herb Saunders, who formed Sport Flight in the late 70’s to manufacture and furnish various Eze parts. The stack is in perfect shape. SPG1
  10. Luis- If your project is old enough to have wing cuffs, it probably also has the full-span 150" canard. With ailerons, the full 150" span isn't needed. You might want to trim it to 142" per CP 14. (Is that what you meant by "balance the canard"?) SPG1 p.s., also, I live down the road in Arlington, Tx, and I'm finishing up my VE paint job now, and should start taxi tests in a few weeks. (yes, I've said that before ...). My project was also started from an accident aircraft (both wings torn off in a taxi test). I think I have an extra set of wing attach hardware, too. I'd be happy to share lessons learned. Give me a call any evening. Sean Gillen, 817-795-1665. I'm hangared over in Grand Prairie.
  11. - PreFab VariEze Cowling Set For Sale. Never used. Fits C-85/O-200. Make offer. - Set of Cleveland 5.00x5 wheels & brakes. Does not include brakes discs (I'm keeping them for a spare). Never flown, but has been on a hangar queen for 20+ years; will need new O-rings & perhaps paint. Make offer. - Set of wing attach fittings, still attached to a set of wings involved in accident. Make offer. - C-85 (O-200) exhaust stack, good shape. $400. Pictures on request. Sean Gillen Arlington, Texas
  12. spg_76013

    Long-EZ POH

    If anyone has done similar with a VariEze POH -- converting it into a Word document, please advise. I'd love to have a copy. SPG1
  13. Torroids: Amidon carries a good supply. Amidon part number FB-43-2401 is used for use with 50-Ohm coax, i.e., RG56/142/400. Regards, SPG1
  14. Hi All - I have ~100 ft of 1" copper tape left over from installing my COM antenna's in my VariEze. (It'll never be an IFR bird, so I don't need any more antennas) Mouser part number 517-1125-1.0. Brand new. How does $0.20 / foot sound? (+postage). I also have 6 extra ferrite torroids, Amidon part number FB-43-2401 (for use with 50-Ohm coax, i.e., RG56/142/400). Also brand new. Free to good home. SPG1 Arlington, Tx
  15. Ghost- You might consider putting some sort of standoff and/or radiator to keep the regulator from directly contacting from the center-section spar. I recall reading test data (from B&Cs website) on the regulator which states that it can get quite hot -- particularly while idling -- somewhere above 140 deg F. Nice panel! I'm jealous. SPG1

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