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EAA - show me the money..


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So, it would seem that belonging to an organization that describes what I am doing in my garage would be a good thing, right?

You read the description of member benefits and it doesn't blow your skirt up (so to speak).

I have been an AOPA member since 1976 and it HAS been worth it. (you get cool hats pens, pins, other cheap stuff and cool pilot stuff on the site like weather, TFRs new regs and a magazine) But other than the magazine (which I haven't read "Sport *something*" or other magazine) Has anyone got an opinion on whether or not it is worth it to plunk down $50 and join the EAA?

I searched the Forum (you have to enter *EAA, the search puppy can't smell less than 4 letter words so you fool him with a *) and got wimpy results as to the value of the membership to a build-from-scratch builder.


To join or not to join, THAT is the question.



Back to building... #618 Cozy MK IV


My Cozy web pages, courtesy: Rick Maddy... :cool: WN9G :rolleyes:

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I joined BECAUSE I am building an Aircraft, and as Mike said...They are the Lobbyist we need.


We have to become active to change anything. The VERY least we can do is contribute finacial support.


How many REAL givers are there. How many Pilots are at the airport giving kids a ride. What percentage of the Pilot community is actually out there doing anything for the GOOD OF THE MANY.


I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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The AOPA and EAA are crutial to the life of general aviation. For instance, they have helped keep many airports open that would have closed down. (Too bad it didn't work for Meigs, and for that I boycott Chicago)

Mike LaFLeur - Cozy MkIV #1155

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Oh Geese. Are we sure we want to get into this discussion?


As I understand it, and correct me if I'm wrong here somebody, a summary of the regulation is that you can fly planes of certain weight and speed in certain areas with less training (than required for a private license) and a drivers license for a medical certificate. I remember getting my private licence, and looking back its scary how much I DIDN'T KNOW at the time I ventured out with my "license to learn".


It's a busy sky and getting busier. A plane that's only 800 lb and can only go 150 mph, or whatever the limits are, is still a VERY dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. You should SEE some of the people down here who have driver's licenses. :eek:


We have already had too many accident and deaths at fly-ins because of the "bees nest" syndrome, pilot error under pressure because of high traffic etc. etc. What will it be like with "Sport" Pilots joining in? I don't think I want to find out.


I'd much prefer to see a more intelligent approach to aviation medicals than abolishing them (for this group). Cutting the training doesnt make sense to me. It does, however, make sense to EAA because it'll allow them to increase their membership to a large new group and collect vastly increase dues.


I think the Sport pilot will let a lot of people get in the air without sufficient training or qualifications.


But - that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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EAA ain't what it used to be 15 yrs ago. Neither is OSH. That said, we need all the lobbying we can get. If we write letters to EAA HQ and articulate our disgust with the commercialization of OSH and Sun-Fun, we might make a little difference. If we get our chapters to boycott, we will make a lot more difference.


If it weren't for EAA, this forum and the Cozy list and C-A list and CSA wouldn't be there and I would be totally on my own. I'll spring the $50.;)


I'm also in AOPA. If it was a choice of one or the other, it would be AOPA in a walk. The folks runing AOPA seem to have a life and do not seem to need to dedicate themselves exclusively to milking more money out of the convention than their daddy did. Every chance I get I try to promote some sort of alternatives so we can quit going to OSH and Sun-Fun.


I like Sport Pilot only because I could lose my medical one day soon, and don't want to have to quit flying altogether. I would much prefer that Sport Pilot be restricted to people who used to be Real Pilots. Maybe only let in the old farts who have lost their medical. That would work for me. But Sport class airplanes are a lot safer than ultralights, so in that regard it is a good thing. And with GPS and Flight Following you don't have to know sh*t anyway.:P

...Destiny's Plaything...

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1: Join EAA

2: Print of John Deere EAA member discount Coupon

3: Buy new LX280 Lawn Tractor

4: Save $200 with coupon

5: Spend net $150 on airplane stuff!





waiting to pick up the LX280 and snow blower...

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...It does, however, make sense to EAA because it'll allow them to increase their membership to a large new group and collect vastly increase dues.


I think the Sport pilot will let a lot of people get in the air without sufficient training or qualifications...

Geeze does this sound like my days with the League or American Wheelman...err...BICYCLISTS... Not having followed EAA politics, they sound somewhat detacted from what their membership wants. In the LAW...LAB (what a really dumb idea, maybe its PC but it was really dumb) most of the clubs wanted only a few things, be able to ride their bikes where/when they want, an environment at least somewhat friendly to them, and insurance for their events (a big moneymaker for the local clubs and usually good press too).


From the comments I havge heard at some meetings, insurance seems like a very hot topic that has not been addressed well.

Nathan Gifford

Tickfaw, LA USA

Cozy Mk IV Plans Set 1330

Better still --> Now at CH 9

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