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I'm sorry to start this topic, as it is nothing to do with aircraft.

I tried to slip the question in to the hierarchy thread, thinking that as we were all talking Microsoft software, and I am lead to believe a large number of you guys are either computer proffesionals or at least more knowledgeable than me, it was almost appropriate, and I was hoping to chat about it by PM.

However, seeing as a few posts beforehand, I suggested we stick to the topic, I stand up, raise both hands above my head, and shout "I AM A HYPOCRITE!" It is something I've become used to, and not the worst of my character flaws. I'm not very good at fixing things unless it involves a) a piece of wire, b) a hammer, or c) a bigger hammer; so you can imagine my trouble with computers.


ANYWAY! I picked up a new virus (or could it be a trojan blaster worm?), that defaults my browser to either nkvd(dot)us, or smart-finder(dot)biz. Any address you enter will go to one of these sites. It sets itself as your homepage, and adds to the favourites list.

Deleting internet files, the favourites, and changing your homepage works after I run SpyBot but not Ad-aware. Problem solved? No, two days later same problem.

Surfing some spyware forums, an expert identified the files which hide deep in the windows/system programs. I had a lot of trouble deleting the files, lots of access denied pop ups.

SO, if anyone has trouble, PM me and I'll point you to the site that (may have)solved it for me.

Please remove this thread if it should not be on this forum.


The Coconut King

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Originally posted by No4

I'm sorry to start this topic, as it is nothing to do with aircraft.

No need to apologize when all things are considered in the Coffee House.


For virus protection, browse to either one of these links: McAfee or Norton. These are the two most popular virus products.

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