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Quickie Q2 and Q200

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    Ultimate Quickie Q2/Q200 Package

    This complete information package contains everything you need to start building your very own single seat Quickie. This combination product contains the following:
    Quickie Construction Plans
    A PDF copy of all 20 chapters of the original Quickie Aircraft Corporation plans for the Single Seat Quickie. Scanned from a clean original paper copy, the pictures and text are crystal clear.
    Quickie Large Template Sheets
    PDF copies of all of the original foam part templates for the Single Seat Quickie. These can be printed full scale and used to produce the construction jigs, main wing, canard, tail, and fuselage bulkheads.
    Quickie LS1 Canard Templates and Instructions
    The instructions and Templates will allow you to upgrade the canard on your Single Seat Quickie from the original GU airfoil to the "new" LS1-0417Mod airfoil. You won't have to worry about loss of lift due to rain or bug contamination, and the build tolerances are less critical.
    Quickie DXF File Format Templates
    All of the templates mentioned above in AutoCAD DXF file format. These will allow you to use a CNC cutter to precisely cut your foam parts, and jigging assemblies.
    Quickie Pilot Manual
    This is a PDF copy of the original Single Seat Quickie Pilot's Operating Manual as originally supplied by Quickie Aircraft Corporation.
    Quickie Flight Simulator Model for X-plane 9.2+
    This is a digital version of Terry Crouch's award winning Q1. Now you can fly it before you even build it.
    Buy this complete package and save over 40%:  If you were to buy each of these products individually it would cost you $167.75. You get them all here in one shot for just $99!

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