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  1. Quinton Oliviero

    Cross-Border construction

    Great minds. MD-RA is a little thorny about requesting specific inspectors. Their stated policy in fact is that if you do specifically name an inspector they will ensure that is not the one you get. I understand the logic: It's a small community and you want to avoid the appearance (or actual commission) of pencil-whipping an inspection for friends or family. That being said, I have been corresponding with someone at MD-RA and I have sent the pictures that I have. Hopefully I get more detail from there.
  2. Quinton Oliviero

    Cross-Border construction

    Firstly, Photos! Second, I got a reply from the MD-RA this morning and it was a bit good-news/bad-news. Good news: The 51% requirement is a non-issue. The 51% doesn't have to be built by me or a Canadian registered builder. Bad news: Any structural component (he specifically mentioned wings, canard, control surfaces, and fuselage) need to be inspected by MD-RA before being covered, and unlike the RV builder Andrew quoted above you can't "unrivet" composite construction. I think the fuselage is probably ok, but the wings and control surfaces look to be done. If that's the case I won't be allowed to use them as they would never issue me the Special C of A without proof of inspection. My Hail Mary pass is that the wings and canard were supposedly built by Dennis Oelmann and I'm hoping that given his being a known quantity the MD-RA might consider them as being part of a Quick Build kit? It's a long shot; the only kit builder MD-RA officially recognizes is AeroCad/AeroCanard...
  3. Quinton Oliviero

    Cross-Border construction

    Yeah, I might be overthinking it. The fuel strakes have yet to be built and I think the argument could easily be made that 51% remains. If that's the case there's no problem. The grey-area really only arises if the kit is more than 51% built, but not yet airworthy. My impression from my limited dealings with MD-RA are that there is always a path to airworthiness, it's just a question of how many inspections and how much paperwork there is. The project is the one Kent linked on Saturday from Barnstormers. Dave Hanson is asking 12k for it, and offering to continue the build to closing inspection level for another 10k(which is allowed under Canadian 51% rules as long as it's done under my direction). I'd still need to find an engine (or come up with the cash to buy his O-360), some instrumentation, the interior, and the paint. I've got a few more pictures he sent me on my phone, and I'll upload them when I get the chance.
  4. Quinton Oliviero

    Cross-Border construction

    Does anyone have any experience moving a project from the US to Canada? Right now I'm seriously considering buying a Cozy IV project in Buffalo, NY and bringing it up to Canada to finish and register it, but I'm concerned about being trapped in a regulatory limbo. My fear is that since the project wasn't started in Canada obviously no Letter of Intent to Build was filed with MD-RA. If I were to file one I wouldn't be able to prove the Major Portion Requirement (51% rule) even with the build logs because the original builder couldn't legally transfer the project to me. I've got a request for information in to the MD-RA, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has attempted something like this before. I mean it stands to reason that someone must have done something like this before. Right?
  5. Quinton Oliviero


    Hi guys, Long time lurker (dreamer?), first time poster. I'm looking at picking up a partially completed Cozy IV project and completing it, so I figured it's about time to come out of the shadows. If anyone has any experience with buying a project from the US and importing it into Canada before completing it I'd love to hear from you. Honestly, I'm open to any wisdom at all concerning canard aircraft, as I've yet to fly one myself. Just gotten my jealous eyeprints all over the one that used to live at my local airport!