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  1. Hello, My name is Rafael. Im in Central FL. Iam about to to start building my Cozy IV. My serial is #1760. I have lots of composite experience in the auto and boat world. I also have a BS in Aviation and Aerospace from EU in Florida. I have been thinking about an auto conversion, like the 13b. My friends have a lot of racing experience with this motor. My only issue is that I see 2 camps on this motor. The one that had it for a while and gave up for a bunch of reasons and the camp that swears by this conversion. I need to study this more but I have a way to go before I need a motor. I had a 30x30 building put up in my property and as soon as the inside is done I will start working on my Cozy. I will share my website that will have my progress as soon as it is up. If anyone has any suggestions, tips, or anything please let me know. Anyone that is in FL and wants to help, I welcome you and free beer will be provided.lol Talk to you guys later and thanks in advance
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