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Fuel Sight Gauge Window Markings.


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Are there any resources for the Atkinson fuel sight gauge window markings on a Long-Ez without having to add fuel a bit at a time and marking it.  I know this is the most accurate way but I'm trying to avoid doing it at the pumps or decanting it 🙂 

Photos or measurements would be most welcome

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No way I can think of to do that due to variation in tank construction and gauge installation but you really don't have to have the final marks until after you are flying the airplane.  This is an EZ (pic).  An inch of fuel is about 2.5 gallons plus whatever is in the sump, so you can fly the airplane until the fuel is almost zero on the gauge, then drain the last couple gallons and redo the marks.  I'd just use some temporary marks.  If you're concerned about taking a fully-fueled weight and CG, I suggest you add the full avgas weight to the empty weight and plug it into your spreadsheet at the CG of the empty tanks (104.5" according to the POH) and it will be safe enough to fly.  You can redo the weight at your leisure.  Fuel shifts around depending on speed, deck angle and the attitude of the aircraft at weigh-in so I don't consider the true CG of fuel that critical.0460E301-B7DA-4512-9505-ED868E113BD4_1_105_c.jpeg.cec5d13acf4d51a87bdbad4baca3f5dd.jpeg

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I have a gauge on the panel that gives me an accurate reading (probably down to a gallon or two) on the right tank.

By mid summer I will have a reading for the tank left tank, too.   Nick Ogolini designed it and has VERY good instructions on how to do it.   It was a bit expensive but I am happy that I did it.   Nick has a blog with other ideas in it; I assume they are good ideas.

BTW years ago, one of my sight gauges had a VERY slow leak but enough that I smelled it.   It was NOT a crack in the plastic but it was wicking through the space between the fiberglass and the hard clear plastic.   So I took ALL of the fuel out of both tanks and fixed both of them; I am certain that they don't leak now.

Bruce Hughes

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