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Obtaining a new Long-EZ landing gear


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8 hours ago, deesaysy said:

I need to change my landing gear on my Vari-Ez - it is sagging outward (negative camber). 

I was looking to buy/get a Long-Ez landing gear. Can someone point me in the

right direction as to were to find one.


If there is  someone is trying to get rid of that has not been stressed


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long ez gear is thicker and will not fit between standard vari mount points. I have been told that vari gear legs can be beefed up with uni strips covered by a bid layup.

I have a new long gear bow and am/was considering changing out mounts and all. a considerable undertaking if done right (beefing up fuselage, etc.

I am looking into beefing up my original bow, maybe without removing it from airframe.


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I am getting outside my experience but if the Vari does not already use UNI strips, the Long-ez builder manual (Open-EZ) show a pattern that could be used.  You don't say what was wrong with your old gear or what kind of "long gear bow" you have now.  I suppose a Long-Ez bow could be sanded down to fit the Vari but it would be a heck of a prickly mess but maybe could be done by fitting an open-sided box over the strut and using a shop-vac inside and sanding with and angle-grinder.

To work on the present bow, I think I'd figure out way to take it out of the airplane.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Nothing "wrong" with my current gear bow. It does "squat" considerably after taxiing. Admittedly, it has less than 100hrs TT on airframe that was built by Robert Evans "strictly to plans".

Measuring the gear width after lifting each wingtip and resetting the gear, I see that the static position is considerably wider than the new long EZ bow in relaxed state.

Gary suggested adding the Uni and Bid instead of installing a new gear, since the Long EZ bow produced now will add 10+Lbs over the original setup. Like I said, I do have a new Long EZ gear bow, and is notably beefier, and in no way could be put into original Vari fittings without copious cutting mods even before adding prescribed glass plies!

 I can easily lift the aircraft and work on the gear, but I'll first see how difficult it will be to remove it from the mounts. The Varieze mounts use four short bolts instead of the two utilized on Long Ez design.

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The Canard Pusher newsletters call for additional layups on the main gear. Technically, you are supposed to grind off the tabs, add the glass from end to end, and then rebuild the tabs. On my VariEze from the same manufacturer, Bob added the glass as 3 separate layups: 2 outside the tabs and one in the middle.

I noticed on mine that the layups outside the tabs were delaminating at the trailing edge near the tabs. I stripped all those layups. I added them back on and then a little extra for Grandma. I also applied them differently. Each layer wraps around the gear leg and back onto itself at the trailing edge. I did not form a sharp trailing edge. My fairings will do that.

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