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Linking an iPad to a GoPro 3 or GoPro 4

A Bruce Hughes

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I would like to place my GoPro 4 or GoPro  3 in the nose or some other spot that other builders have found to be useful.   I am NOT planning to use a suction cup or tape but will make the unit in a permanent location.   I will NOT be readily accessible so I was thinking of controlling it with a remote unit.   GoPro sells The Remote for $65 and some other (cheaper) ones are listed on the internet.   I hope to link the GoPro to my iPad so the guy (me probably) who is a passenger can see what is out front.   By "permanent" I mean I have to take 5 minutes to get it in or out so I cannot routinely turn it on, climb in and go fly.  I happen to have two lids to the nose chamber; the front one is very small but plenty large enough to hold a GoPro 4 or 3; I would put a flat lucite window in front of it; yes that would create a little turbulance but the canopy plastic is very curved; not very good for optics.

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The guy who bought my EZ used a hole I had put in the bottom for a centerline store.    He also has some over-the-shoulder shots.     https://youtu.be/xzTI_0txYOs     I always thought attaching it to a tie-down hole inboard of the winglets would make a good shot


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Thank you Kent.   That was an interesting run out to the island.  I guess you know that the field was rebuilt as "an exercise" by our military after being in bad shape.

I think putting the GoPro on the top or side of the nose will work for me, but that will create a problem when the Longeze is going somewhat toward the sun.

Does ANYONE else have experience with a GoPro ?

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You might want to ask over at Van's Airforce (either their forum, or their FB page). Someone asked recently about running cables for mounts at wingtips, etc.  Guil Barrows is a youtuber who's active on the Vans  Builders' facebook page, and I'm sure he'd be willing to offer some insight.

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