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Exhaust heat and cooling flow

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Ok... looking at my current baffles and reading thru as much as I can - but nobody is really mentioning dumping our cool fresh air OVER HOT exhaust before going up to cool the cylinders.    I have had some challenges with exhaust tape on some cars (rotting out the exhaust (even coated)) as well as degrading and putting fibres where I do not want....... 

What do others think?

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1 hour ago, mquinn6 said:

dumping our cool fresh air OVER HOT exhaust before going up to cool the cylinders.

Just thinking that you can hold your hand 2-3" from a hot exhaust pipe and it won't burn you so I don't think the heat transfer from the pipes to the plenum cooling air is very great.  And anyway, I'm guessing there is a pretty fast turnover of cooling air so the pipes don't have time to heat it up much.  Baffles are pretty tedious as is without the extra complication of pipe-cooling--would make them hard to inspect too.

It is pretty much accepted not to wrap pipes.  If they're stainless, the extra heat makes them deteriorate faster.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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